September 9, 2009 THE VILLADOM TIMES IV • Page 5 Mahwah Township council withholds action on 2010 census by Frank J. McMahon The Mahwah Township Council has decided to withhold action on a resolution to support the 2010 census until its public meeting of Sept. 10. Council President John DaPuzzo asked for the delay in considering a resolution of support in order to review information sent to Mayor Richard Martel and the members of the council by Councilman Allan Kidd, who voiced an objection to one part of the census questionnaire called The American Community Survey. “The 2010 census is really two parts,” Kidd wrote. “One part of is a basic 10 question questionnaire that will be circulated to all households, but the second part is a 65 page questionnaire known as The American Community Survey that selected households will receive. “The part of the census that merely asks 10 questions is pretty innocuous and appears to be the primary purpose of doing a population count,” Kidd stated. “That should be filled out, and I have no objection to it. However, in my opinion, The American Community Survey portion of the census is way out of bounds and may be primarily used to prejudice the residents of Mahwah.” According to Kidd, that portion of the census asks about income, education levels, and facilities in homes. If that portion of the census is filled out accurately by Mahwah residents, he said the township may very well appear to be an affluent, moderately diverse town, as compared to county, state, and national standards. He voiced concern that such a view of the township could cause the county, state, and federal governments to take money from the township and give it instead to other communities. “As such, I object to providing any support or encouragement to accurately complete the portion of the 2010 census known as The American Community Survey because the results may very well be used against us,” Kidd stated. The issue was brought to the council by Mayor Richard Martel and Township Administrator Brian Campion as a result of a July 17 letter to all mayors in the state from Randy Brown, the mayor of Evesham Township in Burlington County and chairman of the 2010 Census Awareness Committee. In that letter, Brown pointed out that the 2010 census is one of the largest civic engagement events that will significantly impact the state. “The fairness of congressional redistricting, federal funding opportunities and state legislative districting,” Brown added, “is all dependent on a successful and accurate count of our population.” (continued on page 6) On Aug. 23, a 36-year-old Fair Lawn woman was arrested on Route 17 South for driving while intoxicated after the officer stopped the woman for crossing over the double yellow lines. The officer interviewed the woman and conducted field tests that resulted in her arrest for DWI. She was released to a friend with a pending court appearance required in Mahwah. On Aug. 24, a 23-year-old Bronx, New York woman was arrested on Route 17 South for DWI after the officer stopped the woman for swerving and crossing the double yellow lines. After conducting field tests, the officer arrested the woman for DWI. She was processed and released to a friend with a future court appearance required in Mahwah. A 43-year-old Garnerville, New York man was arrested Mahwah Police Department Report Aug. 25 on Ramapo Valley Road for possession of cocaine and drug paraphernalia after the officer stopped the man for talking on a cellular telephone while driving. The officer interviewed the man, obtained consent to search the vehicle, and located several crack cocaine rocks. There were several outstanding arrest warrants for the man. He was charged and released with a pending court appearance date in Mahwah Municipal Court. On Aug. 26, a 43-year-old Oakhurst man was arrested on Bayberry Drive for DWI after the officer was called to investigate a motor vehicle accident. The officer found the man outside his car and conducted field tests. The man was arrested and later taken to the hospital for observation. He will have to appear in Mahwah Municipal Court on the DWI charge. ������������������������������ ������������������������� ����������������������� ���������� �������������� ������� ������������� ����������������������� �������������������� ����������������������� 9-2-09 joan/janine BestBikes2x(9-2-09) 2 x 2.5” REGISTRATION FOR 2009-2010 SEMESTER