October 28, 2009 THE VILLADOM TIMES IV • Page 11 Show of pride Siren case Saint Paul Interparochial School in Ramsey educates students from over 20 zip codes. Pictured are Spruce Up Day participants showing their pride in the school’s curb appeal, and some of the school’s students and staff members. (continued from page 7) creates a potential for hearing loss and injury and that the siren noise level within the plaintiffs’ homes is causing real injury to the health, welfare, well-being, and comfort of the plaintiffs. Contillo recognized the township’s argument that, since the sirens have been operational for decades and the plaintiffs knowingly moved into their homes near the firehouses and sirens, the residents should be barred from challenging the sirens even if the sound from the devices is a nuisance. He agreed that the plaintiffs knew full well that they were moving next to active fire stations and either knew, or should have known with minimum due diligence, that each fire station had an active fire siren. Contillo recognized that pagers are imperfect signaling devices, but he noted that the plaintiffs did not present an expert in the field of emergency response to justify the termination of the sirens or the prudence of relying solely on pagers. He also found that the police chief failed to convince him the sirens could be silenced without unreasonable risk to residents, homes, businesses, and the firefighters of Mahwah. Ramapo (continued from page 10) Esther Suarez, counsel for the County of Bergen, is the newly elected vice chair. Suarez was appointed to the board in 2005 and has chaired of the Finance Committee. She also serves as Bergen County Adjuster and was previously counsel for the City of Hoboken and for the Union City Housing Authority. She is also a member of the Bergen County Board of Social Services. Suarez is a graduate of Rutgers University, Douglass College and received her J.D. from Rutgers School of Law. “It is a privilege to work on behalf of the students and dedicated faculty and staff that comprise Ramapo College,” said Suarez. Sharon McGahee, a senior attorney with Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, will continue as board secretary. McGahee joined the board in 2005. She earned a juris doctor degree in 1982 from Rutgers School of Law and her undergraduate degree from Spelman College in Georgia. She represents the Port Authority in employment discrimination, personal injury and worker’s compensation matters.