Page 6 THE VILLADOM TIMES IV • October 7, 2009 Hazmat specialist (continued from page 3) responded that there have been none specifically at the Pilot site, but there have been spills at surrounding truck stops. “Accidents can happen anywhere,” Savino said. “Yes,” Turner responded, “but why increase the potential by mixing cars and trucks?” Dator then asked how a reduction in the number of trucks that could be parked on the Pilot site from 85 to eight would be more hazardous. Turner responded that putting in gasoline fueling at the Pilot site would cause a comingling of cars and trucks on Route 17 and the crisscrossing of the trucks and cars would cause accidents. But Dator pointed out that the New Jersey Department of Transportation had recently approved the driveway design of Pilot’s new site plan and the increase in the shoulder area leading to the driveways that was recommended by the zoning board. Turner summed up his testimony saying the increase of the amount of diesel fuel pumping and the addition of car traffic at the Pilot site would pose a risk to school children in the event of a hazardous material event and would pose a risk to commuters on the highway and Mahwah residents. During the public portion of the meeting, Mahwah Fire Chief Timothy Malone testified that his department has a hazardous material unit and, when asked by Wiener if there had been any spills on the Pilot site, he said there had not been any spills involving trucks on that site. When asked by a resident if he saw an increased risk to schools in the area, Malone responded that he lives in the area of the schools and, in his opinion, he did not see an increased risk. The chief said there may be less of a risk because the site as proposed would be more organized. Leslie Konikow, speaking for the Parents for Safety group, issued a statement following the meeting, in which she wrote, “The Parents for Safety group and other residents have legitimate concerns about what would happen in the event of a hazmat accident. The expert was not able to fully communicate this message last night. The point he wanted to make, and that the parents believe, is that the risk of accidents at this site will be greater due to the increase in the sheer number of vehicles using and mingling on the site. Also, chemicals travel at a given rate and if the site was more than 500 feet away, many of the worst chemicals would have more time to dissipate, thereby reducing the chance that children would suffer negatively from the harmful vapors. This points directly to the reasoning behind the township’s ordinance prohibiting service stations/truck stops within 500 feet of a school.” Mahwah Zoning Board Chairman George Cimis advised that there are no further witnesses to be heard, but public comments will be permitted at the next meeting of the board on Oct. 7 at 9 p.m. At that time, all the attorneys involved in the matter will sum up their positions for the board. Does Your Child Want to Be a Designer? We can teach her the fundamentals of sewing to unleash her creativity. She can model the garments she’s made at our Annual Fashion Show in June. June CROP WALK participants welcome The annual area CROP WALK will take place on Oct. 18. This is the second year that the CROP WALK will start at First Presbyterian Church, 15 Shuart Lane in Ramsey. The walk will ontinue through the Ramsey Country Club and back to the church. Mahwah’s Girl Scout Troop 876 has volunteered to map and mark the route for walkers. They will also be available before and after the walk to provide face painting. Registration will begin at 1:15 p.m. on the church lawn. Those wishing to push strollers or walk pets are welcome. Twenty-five percent of the monies raised will go to the Mahwah Center for Food Action. Coordinators of this year’s event are Jan Taylor and Alden Hansell. For more information, call the church at (201) 327-3879. Pictured above are Youth Ministry Director Karen Robator (at right) and other walkers signing up at last year’s CROP WALK. Needlecraft School Classes for Children 4-18 Enrollment is ongoing 216 Godwin Ave, Midland Park • 201-444-2976 Teaching Children and Adults Sewing and Designing Skills for Over 30 Years... Check our Website: 10-7-09----NeedlecraftDesigner(color)3x2(10-7-09) 3col x 2” Ester for PROOF... from Janine