November 11, 2009 THE VILLADOM TIMES IV • Page 5 Ramsey Rockland Electric awaits state input on cleanup Rockland Electric Company is still awaiting word from the State of New Jersey regarding the power company’s planned cleanup of its 2.6-acre property located off the bike path between Island Avenue and Chestnut Street in Ramsey. Michael Donovan, a spokesman for Rockland Electric Company, told Villadom TIMES the state is expected to provide advice concerning whether a permit will be necessary for the company to clean up what he called a small, residual amount of PCBs from the substation that operated on that site from the mid-1950s until the late 1980s. Rockland Electric’s recent soil tests on the site have reportedly exceeded the state’s standard for PCBs of 0.2 parts per million, reaching a high concentration of 0.242 parts per million. “It’s very low-level contamination, but the property is near our bike path, and the site has been an eyesore for a long time,” Ramsey Mayor Christopher Botta said last week. “We’ve been working with (Rockland Electric) and the residents to keep everyone aware of the situation and to have the area restored to its natural state.” Donovan explained that the power company purchased the small parcel in 1933 and, in the 1950s, began operation of a 35-kilovolt substation, which is now considered very small, he said. The substation was disconnected in 1992 and dismantled in 1993. Asked about the timing of the cleanup of the site, Donovan explained that Rockland Electric has been involved in strategic planning, and recently determined that the idle piece of property is no longer needed. He said the company is planning to prepare the property for sale, and those preparations led to the soil testing that turned up the presence of the PCBs. Donovan explained that the source of the PCBs can be traced to the petroleum the power company had used to cool the transformers on the site. He noted that mineral oil is now used for this purpose. “There is a small, residual amount of PCBs from the substation operation, which is confined to the pad,” Donovan said, adding that the pad is the groundlevel concrete area that once served as a base for the substation. The spokesman added that, in 1980, Rockland Electric began leasing part of its property to the borough for $1 a year. That property is now used as a bike and pedestrian path. Rockland Electric and Public Service Electric & Gas both have cables that run beneath that pathway, according to Donovan. Council incumbents endorsed by voters Ramsey voters went to the polls last week to endorse council candidates William Jones, who received 3,062 ballots, and Deirdre Dillon, who won 3,127 votes. The incumbent Republican council members ran unopposed. Jones, a member of the planning board, is also a coach for soccer and football. He previously served on the council in East Rutherford. Dillon has been a Ramsey resident since 2004. First elected to the governing body in 2006, Dillon is currently serving as council president. She is also serving her second term as chair of the Public Health, Education and Social Service Committee. Last year, she chaired the Utilities, Buildings and Grounds Committee. Dillon’s responsibilities include service as a council liaison to the Ramsey Board of Education. The councilwoman earned a BS degree in accountancy from New Mexico State University, and a law degree from New York Law School. She is counsel and chief compliance officer at Seix Investment Advisors in Upper Saddle River. She has coached soccer and cheerleading, and served as a CCD teacher. She is a member of the Junior Woman’s Club. Dillon and her husband have three children, all of whom attend Ramsey’s public schools. THOUSANDS OF DESIGNER & FAMOUS MAKER COATS FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY DEPARTMENT STORE PRICES EVERYDAY Our family has been keeping America warm and happy since 1924 and are thrilled to be here in Paramus to do it again with the very best coats at the very best prices! We’ve leveraged our long time friendships in the coat industry to deliver to you an amazing collection of designer and famous maker coats at prices you’ve never seen before, and may never see again! THE ORIGINAL FIRST FAMILY OF COATS IS BACK IN BUSINESS! PLUS THOUSANDS OF LADIES’ DESIGNER SHOES & BOOTS 150 Rt 17N • Paramus, NJ 07652 • 201-262-1060 (in the former Fortunoff Outdoor Store) Open 10am to 9pm Monday - Saturday