Mahwah May 27, 2009 THE VILLADOM TIMES IV • Page 3 Township sets employee salary ranges for 2009 by Frank J. McMahon The Mahwah Council has introduced the 2009 salary ordinance for the township’s employees, including all white and blue collar employees, the police department, the paid employees in the fire division, the mayor, council, and administration. The ordinance is retroactive to Jan. 1. The salary ordinance, which is expected to be adopted at the council’s May 28 public meeting, reflects a 3.5 percent increase in the salaries for most white collar employees, according to their three year contract, which is in its third year; a 3.5 percent increase for blue collar employees, which reflects their current three year contract, which is in its second year; and a four percent salary increase for the police department according to the Policemen’s Benevolent Association’s four year contract, which is in its third year. The ordinance contains no increase for in the mayor’s annual salary or the other elected members of the council. The 2009 salary ordinance includes an annual salary of $15,000 for the mayor, $8,000 for the council president, and $7,000 for council members. The document includes part time and hourly rates of compensation for various administrative and executive positions, seasonal positions in the department of public works and the municipal pool, the department of police, recreation, the department of inspections, and the municipal court. Business Administrator Brian Campion explained that minimum and maximum salary levels are used for each full time position because some positions have employees at different salary levels, or steps in the pay grade, due to length of service. The ranges also provide the township with the opportunity to replace employees at a lower salary than the current employee is receiving when they leave their positions. The minimum and maximum salary ranges for some other positions listed in the ordinance include: township clerk, $47,000 to $64,915; deputy township clerk, $46,082 to $52,225; principal clerk, $30,721 to $36,866; business administrator, $90,000 to $164,800; administrative assistant, $46,082 to $59,906; executive secretary, $25,000 to $59,906; chief financial officer, $60,000 to $114,314; assistant to the chief financial officer, $46,082 to $59,906; tax collector, $47,000 to $64,936; deputy tax collector, $46,082 to $55,298; and tax assessor, $47,000 to $95,785. The salary range for the director of human services is $40,000 to $62,374; director of the senior citizens center, $35,000 to $49,772; administrative officer/ zoning officer, $25,000 to $63,000; director of public works, $60,000 to $112,069; administrative clerk, $46,082 to $59,906; DPW superintendent, $55,000 to $90,791; senior environmental health specialist, $61,442 to $75,267; chief of police, $150,848 to $162,251; detective captain and captain, $133,250 to 150,848; construction code official, $60,000 to 109,498; and building inspector, $61,442 to $75,267. (continued on page 13) Avid readers Pictured are the winners of Mahwah’s Betsy Ross Elementary School’s 2009 Read-a-Thon. During the two month contest, all classes competed to read the most minutes. This year, Betsy Ross students logged 623,200 minutes. Valley Dental Group Announces A Winner! Dr. Sheila Bahadori, Orthodontist, and Dr. Allen Ghorashi, General Dentist, Awarded Tommy Gaffney with a Toys “R” Us Gift Card. Tommy guessed 720 jellybeans in a jar that had 724 jellybeans! Great Job Tommy ! From your friends at Valley Dental Group, LLC in Ramsey, New Jersey 201-818-6565 Finally... a hearing device you’ll want to wear. Visit our office and try Dual for FREE! Call 201-934-7755 today to learn more. © 2008 Oticon, Inc. All rights reserved. Dual: Engineered for performance, designed for style. Dual is the most advanced hearing instrument on the market today. It helps you move beyond the frustrations of hearing loss, so you can experience life with the clearest, most comfortable and natural hearing possible in any listening situation. � The ultimate combination of state-of-the-art technology with a sleek design you want to wear ��Understand what others are saying in noisy situations � Use the telephone with ease and convenience � Watch TV at the same volume as everyone else It’s a hearing device you’ll really love to wear. 119 Interstate Shopping Center, Ramsey, New Jersey Intersection of Route 17 & Franklin Turnpike ADVANCED HEARING SERVICES, INC. Supervising Licence. NJ Hearing Aid Dispenser * Licence # 743 *Board Certified by the National Board for Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences. **American Conference of Audioprosthology Thomas J. Higgins, BC-HIS*, ACA**