Ramsey May 13, 2009 THE VILLADOM TIMES IV • Page 5 School board, council meeting on budget cuts The Ramsey Board of Education and a committee of three Ramsey Council members have been meeting to review areas where the defeated school budget could be cut. The council’s committee, headed by Councilman Bruce Vozeh, includes William Jones and Art Nalbandian. A local official who is familiar with the process indicated that both groups have been meeting with the goal of having a resolution on the matter ready this week, possibly as by May 13. The borough is required to take action by May 19. In the April 21 school budget and board candidate election, Ramsey voters defeated the $43,892,602 tax levy associated with the 2009-10 school budget 1,803 to 1,355. According to New Jersey law, the Ramsey Council is required to review the defeated budget with board of education trustees to consider possible cuts for the spending plan. The school board is otherwise autonomous. Once a school budget is defeated at the polls, governing bodies can recommend specific reductions in the budgets, but the school district is not bound to follow those recommendations precisely if the district meets the reduced tax levy set by the council. If the school board disagrees with the council’s recommendations, the trustees may appeal to the state’s commissioner of education, Lucille E. Davy, to have the recommended reductions restored. At that point, the commissioner can approve the district’s original budget, approve the council’s recommended reductions, or make different revisions to the budget. The school districts are permitted to appeal the commissioner’s decision to the state board of education and the Appellate Division of Superior Court. FREE Martial Arts Programs Including Uniform CALL NOW 201-327-7080 26 E. Main St • Ramsey ����������� ������ Since 1975 ����������������������������� ������������������������ ����������� ������������ YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD NEWSPAPER 5-13-09 Joan from Janine BaisFREEMartial2x3(5-13-09) 2 col x” 5-13-09 janine GoTimeBootCamp3x3(5-13-09) 3 x 3”