Page 16 THE VILLADOM TIMES IV • March 25, 2009 Magic of Mahwah Get star treatment at Beverly Hills Hand Car Wash tuart Rosenberg founded Beverly Hills Hand Car Wash & Detailing in 1992 with the goal of treating customers the way he wants to be treated: with respect. From the start, he pledged to provide complete automobile detailing using top quality products. Stuart’s motto is: “If I wouldn’t use it on my car, I certainly won’t use it on yours.” In addition to serving many private customers, Beverly Hills handles detailing for several car dealerships. “If you want something done right, come to us,” Stuart insists. His business is the only full-service hand car wash and detailing in the Mahwah, Ramsey, and Suffern (NY) area. He points out that automatic car washes wash a vehicle, but his staff cleans your car. At every stage, a staff member is working by hand. Stuart points out that a machine cannot determine that it has missed a spot and go back to fix its mistake. “Service is our hallmark,” he Stuart Rosenberg adds. “We treat you and your car like a star.” Stuart is proud to offer quality work at a fair price. When he extends a discount, he is clear about the original price of the service and exactly what a client can expect to pay. “My worst nightmare is that someone will be less than satisfied and won’t tell us,” he adds, noting that he is willing to take action to make any situation right. Stuart says he treats his employees like family and many have stayed with Beverly Hills since the enterprise opened. Customers, he says, love to see familiar faces. Stuart has great respect for his community and is happy to help people when they ask for support. His business also helps to fund four scholarships at Mahwah High School. Beverly Hills Car Wash is a member of the Mahwah Regional Chamber of Commerce and was Business of the Year in 2004. Stuart has been a member of the Mahwah Chamber Board of Directors for the last 11 years. He is also co-chair of the Mahwah Chamber Golf Outing, which will be held at the Tuxedo Club on Sept. 21 This year. For information about the outing, call Stuart at the car wash. Visit Beverly Hills at 110 Cedar Hill Avenue, Mahwah (one block off Franklin Turnpike). Phone (201) 529-4040. You May Not Need a New Driveway… racks and potholes do not necessarily mean that you need a completely new driveway, according to Rich of McFarlane Driveway Restoration. The McFarlane family has a history of servicing the Bergen/Passaic area. Getting a new driveway costs thousands of dollars, but Rich and his crew are ready to restore the driveway you have as an economical alternative with the latest Asphalt recyRich McFarlane cling and infrared equipment available. They are a Blacktop Company that has gone GREEN! McFarlane Driveway Restoration fills potholes with hot asphalt – not cold fill that rapidly decays. The hot asphalt is then melted along the edges, forming a direct seal with the driveway. Best yet – your driveway will be ready for traffic within 24 hours. It seems Rich was destined to get into the family business. His parents drove him home from the hospital – his very first ride -- in a paving truck, a safe choice for the newborn given the blizzard conditions that day. As he grew up, Rich heard potential customers asking if the company repaired potholes, which it did not at the time. Rich decided this area would be a great niche for him, and his success in this specialty area followed. Ask Rich and his team how they can help you extend the life of your current driveway. His company also applies seal coat to help protect driveways against deterioration. Rich recommends resealing the driveway at least every two years to replenish asphalt, which can become aged and weathered. Restore yours today! They have kept their 2008 prices and are honoring 2008 estimates too. No job is too small. McFarlane Driveway Restoration is a member of the Mahwah Regional Chamber of Commerce. They welcome all commercial and residential clients. Call their friendly office staff for your free consultation today at (201) 560-0222 or visit online at C S hen it was “J” week at Holy Cross Nursery School, Jillian could not wait to return to school to read a story to Mrs. Ayre’s class. She chose to read a Bible story about how Jesus calmed the sea. Jillian, now a first grader at St Elizabeth’s, wanted to inspire the four and five-year-olds by reading confidently. How happy we are, as teachers, to lay such firm Christian foundations for our “Holy Cross Kids” and to send them into the world to minister and show the love of Jesus in their own special way. As a licensed school in the State of New Jersey that has served the community for 50 years, we boast a staff of highly qualified teachers bringing fun and learning to children from 16 months to 6 years of age. Mrs. Ayre’s class The 2009 curriculum has been expanded to include “Mommy and Me,” a program that introduces moms and toddlers to the school environment in a friendly, supportive atmosphere. Besides the more established “First Step,” Level 1 and Level 2 Developmental programs, we also offer a pre-kindergarten enrichment program with computers, a hands-on science program, and “Handwriting without Tears.” Special events include apple-cidering at Lorrimer Sanctuary, hayrides at Secor Farms, maple-sugaring, trips to the wildlife center, and visits to the school by Outragehiss Pets. To accommodate parents facing ever-increasing demands on their time, we offer a “Lunch Bunch” program whereby children may stay through the lunch period for delayed pick-up on any day without prior notice. In addition, afternoon enrichment programs are being incorporated into the curriculum to offer dance, soccer-for-tots, and Christian yoga for all ages, including kindergarten. To learn more about the school, visit our website at, or call Holy Cross Nursery School, 125 Glasgow Terrace, Mahwah, NJ 07430 at (201) 5292117 and ask for Director Lesley Ayre. W Holy Cross Nursery School: Come grow with us! hido-kan Karate of Mahwah has over 185 students of all ages participating in karate, mommy and me and fitness classes. Judy Cooperman, co-owner with Sensei Mitch Cooperman, Fifth Dan Black Belt, attributes their success to expert age-appropriate instruction in a family-friendly, pressure-free atmosphere. The school doesn’t require contracts, and offers free trial classes, introductory specials and family discounts. Children love the fun and exciting karate games and drills that develop core strength, balance, and agility. Parents love the traditional class structure, which promotes focus, self-control, respect Sensei Mitch Cooperman and student for others, and a positive attitude. With unlimited classes and no assigned days, Shido-kan makes it easier for kids and adults to work karate into their busy schedules. Judy adds, “Karate is an ideal exercise program for adults who want to control their weight and reduce stress because of the full-body workout in intellectually challenging classes that are never boring.” Adults who want to develop core strength and flexibility without the martial training can take its “Best Body Ever” fitness classes. The school will be enlarging this spring, adding an adjacent studio which will include more teen and adult programs such as Cardio Karate, Yoga, and Tai Chi classes. Parents may want to consider the school’s fun and exciting Martial Arts Summer Camp Program for children ages 5-11 offered in August. For more information, please call Judy at (201) 818-5120, visit the school’s website,, or visit the school at 300 Ridge Road in Mahwah. S Shido-kan Karate develops healthy minds and bodies