Mahwah March 4, 2009 THE VILLADOM TIMES IV • Page 9 Council sets donation bin fees by Frank J. McMahon The Mahwah Township Council has adopted an ordinance that sets an initial and annual renewal fee of $25 for any application to place a clothing donation bin within the township. Councilman Robert Hermansen, who made the motion to pass the resolution that established the new fee in the township, explained that the council is trying to be proactive in controlling the use of these clothing bins before any problems arise. He explained that there have been instances in other towns where the owners of some of these clothing bins are selling the donated clothing on the Internet for their personal gain. Some individuals are also using the clothing for business profit instead of donating the items to charities. The resolution designates the township clerk as the “appropriate agency” to issue permits. The township’s property maintenance officer will enforce and administer the provisions of the 2007 state law controlling these clothing bins. The state statute that established the requirements for the placement or use of clothing bin for solicitation purposes prohibits any person from placing, using, or employing a donation clothing bin for solicitation purposes, unless certain requirements are met. Those requirements include a valid permit from the appropriate municipal agency within the town in which the donation clothing bin will be placed. That permit must include the location where the bin would be situated, the manner in which the person anticipates any clothing or other donations collected by way of the bin would be used, sold, or dispersed, and the method by which the proceeds of collected donations would be allocated or spent. Requirements also include the name and telephone number of the office of any entity that may share or profit from any clothing or other donations collected by way of the bin, and written consent from the property owner to place the bin on his or her property. According to the state statute, a clothing bin cannot be placed within 100 yards of any place that stores or sells large amounts of fuel or other flammable liquids or gases. In addition, certain information must be clearly and conspicuously displayed on the exterior of the donation clothing bin, such as the name and address of the registered person who owns the bin, and the name and phone number of any other entity that may share or profit from any clothing or other donations collected from the bin. If someone other than the person who owns the bin might share or profit from any clothing or other donations collected from the bin, a notice, written in a clear and easily understandable manner, indicating that clothing or other (continued on page 14) CAN’T WAIT FOR SPRING? SPRING LANDSCAPE PROJECTS Pre Season Pricing in Effect Now is the right time to start plans on your Then Don’t! Young birders First grade students Liam Granquist and Jackie Paruszek pause in front of the bird identification chart they and their classmates at Lenape Meadows School use to identify the birds they see on the school grounds. The young birders use binoculars to view avian species from the atrium. Afterward, they return to their classes to identify the birds’ pictures on a chart and color pictures of the birds for the classroom. Weeping Pine Nursery ���������� ��������������� ����������������� ������������������ ������������������������� ���������������� ����������������� ������������������ Free ��������������� No Obligation Est. & Design ��������������� �������������������� ����������� ���������������� ������������ ready • set • GROW! Caring for outstanding gardens for over 20 years ONE SOURCE FOR ALL YOUR LANDSCAPE NEEDS Winter specials available now for a limited time only. Call Robin at 973-636-7000 IT MAY NOT FEEL LIKE WARM WEATHER IS NEAR, BUT SPRING IS JUST WEEKS AWAY ... GET A HEAD START ON THE SEASON’S “TO-DO LIST” AND SAVE SOME GREEN! 20% Off Spring Cleanup 2 Free fertilizer applications. New customers only TRUST YOUR OUTDOOR LIVING SPACES TO OUR FULL SERVICE MAINTENANCE, CONSTRUCTION, AND DESIGN COMPANY WITH ORGANIC LAWN AND TREE CARE, IRRIGATION AND LIGHTING. COMMERCIAL RESIDENTIAL INSURED BONDED MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR LEISURE TIME CALL FOR FREE CONSULTATION 201-447-LAWN (5296) Member N.J.L.C.A & N.J. Turf Grass Assoc. Home Improvement Contractor #13V01991900