Mahwah June 3, 2009 THE VILLADOM TIMES IV • Page 5 Township planners approve signage for new hotel by Frank J. McMahon The Mahwah Planning Board has approved signage for the new Hampton Inn & Suites hotel to be constructed on the southern portion of the Robbie’s Music Barn property on Route 17. The approved signage will be located on the subdivided lot to the south of the property. No new signage was approved for the northern lot, which contains the Robbie’s Music Barn. The board approved two ground signs, one a pylon sign and the other a freestanding directional sign, and several wall signs. The directional sign will be located seven feet from the Corporate Drive driveway, and the pylon sign will be located seven feet from the parking lot although 15 feet is required by township ordinance. The board also approved two signs to be located on the north and south facades of the new hotel. The sign on the north façade will be over 99 square feet and the sign on the south façade will be over 56 square feet although the maximum size permitted by ordinance is not to exceed 25 square feet. The board also approved letter heights on the pylon sign and the wall sign on the north elevation of the building to exceed the maximum allowed by the township’s zoning ordinance, and the height of the initial capital letter on the pylon and wall signs to exceed the 24 inches allowed by that ordinance. In addition, the board approved the letter height on the wall signs which exceeds the maximum height permitted by the ordinance, and the board approved the maximum aggregate area of all side and rear signs which exceeds the 50 square feet maximum in the ordinance. The board based its approvals on the testimony of Brian Leff, an expert in landscape architecture and professional planning, who described the number, dimensions, and placement of the signs and the reasons for the requested variances. Leff testified that the traffic on Route 17 would be traveling in excess of 55 miles per hour and the nonconforming signage requested by his client was required in order to alert motorists at a distance far enough away to permit them to slow down safely to enter the hotel. He testified that, since the primary entrance to the hotel was to be from Corporate Drive and not Route 17, the additional signage proposed by his client was required to safely direct motorists to the Corporate Drive entrance to the hotel once they had slowed down on Route 17. He said that, because of the distance of the hotel from Route 17, the additional sign areas and letter heights were required so the signage would be legible and more easily seen by motorists traveling on Route 17. Leff testified that, because of the number of signs already in Route 17, the nonconforming signs would not have an adverse aesthetic effect on the property or the surrounding area. The board agreed that, because of the location of the hotel on Route 17, which is a heavily traveled roadway, the number and location of the signs are required in order to identify the site to motorists who may be traveling in excess of 55 miles per hour. With regard to the variances relating to maximum area of wall signs, the board also agreed with Leff that the overall logo height, maximum initial letter height and maximum letter heights are required in order to (continued on page 23) G.R. Goris     Sewer & Drain Cleaning Water Heaters BBQ Gas Installs Bathroom Remodeling $ OFF ANY SERVICE CALL with this ad 25 Plumbing Alterations NO JOB TOO SMALL  Weekend & Evening Appointments Available to Fit Your Schedule Serving Mahwah & Surrounding Towns Family Trade Since1927 repair service SPEND YOUR TRAINING $$$ WISELY! • EDUCATED - MA in exercise science • CERTIFIED - ACSM, NASM, Post Rehab Specialist, MAT Specialist �������������������������� ����������������������������������� Sheila Keane Sparkle at your Wedding, Prom, or Graduation Y teeth can our The Sun is Shining and So Should Y Teeth! our ZOOM! Professional Teeth Whitening • EXPERIENCED - 15 years one-to-one personal training • QUALIFIED - to work with geriatric, bariatric, Parkinson’s as well as weight loss, fitness and wellness In your home or comfortable, private training facility 50% off Now only $300 valid thru June 30, 2009  Plumbing & Heating , LLC NJ Master Plumber #12147 201-995-1380 Emergency Service + tax (originally $600) Offering Muscle Activation Techniques ������������������������������������� 153 Franklin Turnpike • Mahwah, NJ 07430 Dr. Jeffrey Wechsler Keane Fit & Wellness Ridgewood 201-529-5999 201-488-4314 or 201-341-0183