June 3, 2009 THE VILLADOM TIMES IV • Page 15 Emmanuel asks... Can You Help? Our hat’s off to the Midland Park Library for doing a food collection for the next week. We thank Grace Nursery School in Wyckoff for the contribution of groceries, gift cards, and movies. The Glen Rock-based civic group called WICS, Women in Community Service, gets our appreciation for their ongoing support. Father’s Day is now on the horizon. You can honor Dad by making a contribution to the Emmanuel Cancer Foundation in his name. Please call us for details. We are also asking readers to honor ECF mothers who have children with cancer. Motherhood is a demanding job in normal circumstances, but with a child in a chronically 4-29-09 karen/janine sick and life threatening condition, life can become unmanageable and out of control. We strive EmmanuelHelp2x.75(4-29-09)to ease the burden for these moms with a package of support, but in order to pro3 x .75 vide our services we need your help. You can participate in three different ways: Make a contribution in honor of your mother, and we’ll send a card noting your gift; ask for a Tea Party Packet from our office and learn how you can hold a tea party with friends to support ECF; or privately raise a cup in your own home to honor ECF moms. We will even supply the teabags! Tea parties can be as elaborate or as simple as you would like. Some folks are holding an English tea complete with scones, finger foods, and a selection of teas. You are also invited to honor moms by attending our “Moms: The Unsung Heroes” Stroll-A-Thon to be held Sunday, June 28 in Ridgewood from 8 to 11 a.m. Call us for details. From one of our ECF moms: “My name is Suzie and I am the mother of a child with cancer. My son, Jake, was diagnosed at age six with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Jake’s journey ahead would consist of bone marrow biopsies/aspirations, lumbar punctures, blood draws, X-rays, scans and chemotherapy. After many delays and hospital stays, Jake completed 3.5 years of treatment. He began his new life after cancer. However, on January 16, 2007, a year and a half after completing treatment, we were told Jake’s cancer was back. His brother Colton wasn’t a bone marrow match for Jake, so it was decided chemotherapy would be the course of treatment. A year and a half later, it was clear that Jake’s treatment wasn’t going according to plan and it was decided that Jake would receive an unrelated bone marrow transplant due to the many delays in treatment. On July 29, 2008, Jake received a bone marrow transplant. The road to recovery has been long and hard, but he is back in school and is enjoying all his favorite activities. Our family could not have gotten through this difficult journey without the support we received from the Emmanuel Cancer Foundation.” We have new families who have signed on for our services and requests for food from our families been steadily climbing since last May. Some of their needs are: gift cards for Path Mark, Shop-Rite, A&P, Stop ‘N Shop grocery stores. Your contribution helps the family’s tight budget stretch a little more. If you want to help, you can contribute to Emmanuel Cancer Foundation’s Family Financial Assistance program. Our families thank you and for your continued generosity. To help: Call us at (201) 612-8118 before you stop by. Please do not leave items at center without checking with us first. Our storage space is limited. Our current hours are Monday, 10 to 1; Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, 10 to 5; and Thursday, 10 to 2. Our address is 174 Paterson Avenue, Midland Park, NJ 07432. Our website is www.emmanuelcancer.org. As always, thank you for helping the children and their families! BILL’S SHOE REPAIR Rated the “Best Shoe Repair Shop ” by (201) Magazine • Expert Shoe Repair • Riding Boots, Cowboy Boots • Golf Shoes, Zippers and more.... 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