Page 4 THE VILLADOM TIMES IV • January 28, 2009 Mahwah The Green Meadow program continues to grow at the Lenape Meadows School in Mahwah, which recently resolved its paper recycling issue with the aid of Gaeta Recycling, Inc. in Paterson. Gaeta will be providing paper recycling resources to the school. To kick off this huge initiative, a “Greatfully Green” day was held at the school, where students continued the learning experience on raising awareness, taking care of our planet ,and how being “green” helps. With the help of Owner Anthony Gaeta Jr. and Lenape Going Green Coordinator Paige Sabine, the program was initiated with the installation of recycling bins around the school and lessons for the students about the process of recycling paper in school. Every student provided a thank you card to the staff at Gaeta Recycling. Pictured above right: Lenape Meadows Going Green Coordinator Paige Sabine and Principal Christine Zimmerman join with the students in thanking Michael Borer of Gaeta Recycling Inc. for supporting their school’s paper recycling needs. Below right: Lenape Meadows School students take a look at one of the collection vehicles. School receives aid with paper recycling program Helpful Hints Helpful Hints from ome “Reverse the rotation of your ceiling fan so the warm air is forced back down into the room”. 27 Franklin Tpk, Waldwick Open Sundays 9-3 201-652-5666 Billy Says... Feel Better Now! ����Muscle Activation Techniques ����������������������������������� • Speed muscle recovery • Increase joints’ range of motion • Eliminate compensatory patterns • Reduce risk of injury by insuring muscles function optimally • Improve athletic performance and execution of everyday activities Keeping Families Warm Since 1929. Serving All Your Home Heating Needs Prompt, Reliable Service You Can Depend On, Plus The Personal Attention You Deserve. • Oil Heat Systems Serviced & Installed • Automatic Fuel Oil Deliveries • Tank Insurance Available ���������������������� �������������������� ��������������� Ridgewood 201-488-4314 or 201-341-0183 ������������������������ Cash ts Discougn il n O On Heati s Deliverie 24 Hour 201-891-1000 Emergency Service ����������������������� Keane Fit & Wellness