Page 6 THE VILLADOM TIMES IV • January 21, 2009 Area Dr. Amarjot S. Narula, medical director of West Bergen Mental Healthcare, has been elected president for the 2008-09 term of the prestigious New Jersey Psychiatric Association. NJPA is a professional organization of 1,000 physicians qualified by training and experience in the treatment of psychiatric disorders. Founded in 1935, NJPA is a district branch of the American Psychiatric Association and is the official voice of organized psychiatry in the State of New Jersey. Active in NJPA for the past several years, Dr. Narula has held several leadership positions including president-elect and senior vice president. In accepting the presidency, Dr. Narula said, “I am honored to join my fellow NJPA members as we strive to improve mental health care and services for individuals and families in New Jersey.” Dr. Narula has served as West Bergen’s medical director since January 1996 and has been affiliated with the agency since 1988. In addition to this position, he also maintains a private practice in Ridgewood with a specialty in geriatric psychiatry. Dr. Narula has also held leadership positions at facilities including The Valley Hospital, Barnert Hospital, and Bergen Regional Medical Center. He has also been a consultant to various nursing facilities in the area. He has received numerous awards and recognitions and was named one of the top doctors in the New York metropolitan West Bergen medical director to lead NJPA Dr. Amarjot S. Narula area by the Castle Connolly guide. Originally from India, and an active member of the Sikh congregation in Glen Rock, Dr. Narula is a Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association. He is a diplomate in psychiatry and geriatric psychiatry of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. Established in 1963 as a child guidance clinic, today West Bergen provides comprehensive services for all age groups with various levels of need. West Bergen Mental (continued on page 26) Our hat’s off to the Wyckoff Seniors for their November, December, and January food drives that brought in lot of food. We appreciate their ongoing commitment and work! A little heart to heart talk: Yes, there sure is a lot of talk about the economy and its definite impact on many of us. And I do believe that it is affecting many of us, some in big ways and others in small ways. We live in a relatively affluent part of the world, so we may be able to cope with this in the long term. The families we serve are in a different category for the most part. If you would permit me, here is a suggestion to think about: Keep the economy moving forward by contributing money to our cause and to other non-profits. We will frugally spend the money and benefit the families we serve and simultaneously stimulate the economy. Money circulates from one vendor to another, one person to another. Many unseen parties benefit from your kindness. You also benefit in many ways. Your financial gift gives back to you with a tax deduction. It also keeps your heart open because you are helping others - regardless of how tough the person giving the money may be. The economy recovers somewhat, and more business gets done. Your action may stimulate and inspire others to act and improve their lives. There are probably a few other things we have not thought of as yet. Don’t think: Do! What else are you going to do while waiting for everything to get better? Involve your workplace this Valentine’s Day. If your group (work, place of worship, child’s sports team, etc.) is looking for Emmanuel asks ? u He l p Ca n Yo something to do, consider a fundraiser or a food collection in the spirit of Valentine’s Day. You can donate any foods that are pink or red or have that color label on them. We have a big need for nutrient drinks, like Pedia-Sure and Ensure, that our kids use because they have some difficulty with the effects of chemotherapy. We have new families that have signed on for our services and requests for food from our families have doubled since May of last year. Some of their needs are: Pathmark, Shop-Rite, and A&P grocery store gift cards. Your contribution helps the family’s tight budget stretch a little more. Please keep donating those Pull-ups (size 4T-5T) and GoodNites brand diapers (for a person of 38 pounds) for four-year-old girl named Allie who is suffering from a aftereffects of Wilms tumor and surgeries that have left her with no ability to control her urination function normally. She is a sweet little girl living with her single mom in a basement apartment. They are barely keeping their head above water, and do so with your support. If you want to help Allie, contribute to Emmanuel Cancer Foundation’s Family Financial Assistance program. Allie and her mom thank you and hope for your continued generosity. Call us at (201) 612-8118 before you stop by. Please do not leave items at center without checking with us first. Our storage space is limited. Hours are Monday through Friday 10 to 5. Our address is 174 Paterson Avenue, Midland Park, NJ 07432. Our website is As always, thank you for helping the children and their families! 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