February 25, 2009 THE VILLADOM TIMES I, II, III & IV • Page 19 Definitive decade reviewed in multi-disc set by Dennis Seuling Few decades in recent history have been as significant in their impact on popular culture, politics, science, music, and other arts as the 1960s. “The ‘60s” (A&E Entertainment), a 14-disc box set, provides in-depth, documentary looks at the individuals, events, and policies that shaped the decade. The set is well organized into specific areas. One disc is devoted solely to the life and impact of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Others cover protest movements, the JFK presidency, hippies, and the drug culture. More extensive chapters cover the Vietnam War and the race for the moon. Included is an interview with Tom Brokaw, author of the best-selling “The Greatest Generation.” Several editions of “Biography” round out the set, including those on Thurgood Marshall, John F. Kennedy, Joseph Kennedy Sr., and Dr. King. Many historic names and events resurface: Tet Offensive, Chicago Conspiracy Trial, Space Shuttle, civil rights struggle, draft card burnings, riots at the Democratic Convention, and the assassinations of JFK, King, and RFK. The set, however, is short on culture. Bits of music of the decade can be heard on the soundtrack, but there is no separate disc devoted to music. This seems such an omission considering that the ‘60s saw the folk music revival, the British invasion, the dominance of The Beatles, and the emergence of such definitive groups and individual artists as The Doors, The Who, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Jimi Hendrix, the Rolling Stones, Cream, Bob Dylan, and The Byrds. Woodstock, the most defining rock concert and cultural phenomenon of the decade, is given limited coverage. Movies and sports events of the ‘60s also get surprisingly little attention. The set is beautifully produced. From the glamorous years of the Kennedy administration at the beginning of the decade to the triumph of the first moonwalk at the end, this comprehensive, 28-hour-plus documentary collection replete with archival footage shepherds viewers through most of the period’s world-changing events. “Cyclops” (Anchor Bay) is a variation on the standard horror film. The setting is the Roman Empire at its peak, a time of gladiators and abundant wealth. The land has been ridded of Cyclopses by Caesar, but there is one left. He lives in the forested areas around Rome, making meals of unsuspecting thieves and outlaws. The corrupt Emperor Tiberius (Eric Roberts) has a plan to please the bloodlust of the people: capture the creature and unleash him in the upheaval, it seems to be business as usual in the world of Italian cinema, as producer Davide Rieti (Alfred Molina) and the Hungarian director Lazlo Molnar labor to finish a big-budget “Tosca” for Mussolini’s Cinecitta Studios. The work-in-progress features an international cast starring German actress Kristina Baumgarten (Catharine McCormack) who, despite the heated political environment, falls in love with her English co-star, James Clavel (Jonathan Pryce). The shoot is interrupted when the banks withdraw backing following the outing of the relationship between Rieti, a Jewish man, and his gifted companion (Rupert Friend). In the early days of television, roller derby was a fixture, with its bouts among aggressive, tough women using physical force and violence as audiences cheered them on. “Hell on Wheels” (IndiePix) is the true saga of a group of Austin, Texas women who resurrected the sport of roller derby only to find internal squabbling and strife threatening their newly-formed organization. The women bear formidable aliases, such as Varuca Assault, Punky Bruiser, and Holly Peno. After overcoming countless hurdles to organize, recruit, and train, the “rollergirls” enjoy a terrific first year, only to find a rift forming among the ranks of the 80 women. Polarized by issues of insurance, finances, and the (continued on Crossword page) President and Mrs. Kennedy, seen here arriving in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963. The Kennedy administration and JFK’s assassination are among the events chronicled in the DVD box set, ‘The ‘60s.’ arena against condemned slaves, including the wrongfully imprisoned General Marcus Romulus (Kevin Stapleton). Extensive use of computer generated images gives “Cyclops” a lush, opulent look reminiscent in style and scope to such big-studio epics as “Spartacus” and “BenHur.” The performances are merely OK, but it is the effects that are the main attraction. For those who love monsters, “Cyclops” delivers. “The Moon and the Stars” (Lightyear) is a drama set in 1939 Rome on the eve of World War II. 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