Area February 11, 2009 THE VILLADOM TIMES IV • Page 15 Wyckoff Love Fund celebrates Tenth Anniversary Ten years ago, the Wyckoff Clergy Association began sponsoring the Wyckoff Love Fund. Since then, all Wyckoff congregations, together with the Wyckoff Lions Club, Atlantic Stewardship Bank, and numerous Wyckoff residents, have made it possible for the Wyckoff Love Fund to distribute up to $50,000 a year. These funds have been disbursed to children who live in Wyckoff and to children with a parent who works in Wyckoff. These are children with medical, emotional, educational, or practical needs which are unmet in other ways. Pilot application (continued from page 5) competition. Board Chairman George Cimis asked if the two mile distance to get to a turnaround point after leaving the Pilot site would be intimidating to truck drivers and motorists. Rocciola said it is definitely a factor in making the choice to use the Valero station before the overpass or go to the Pilot site. “The two miles is always a factor,” Rocciola said, adding that Pilot is not the only fueling station available and truck drivers would not choose to go that extra distance unless there is a clear advantage in price. Kevin Moore, the attorney representing Pak’s Fast Service Inc, the owner of the Valero service station located north of the Pilot site, asked Rocciola what the impact of those two miles would be on a trucker who has a Pilot national fueling contract. The traffic expert responded, “If they have a Pilot contract, they will go to Pilot.” Ira Weiner, the attorney representing some resident objectors to the application who have formed a non-profit group known as Parents for Safety, suggested to Rocciola that the percentage of Pilot customers who are diesel customers could have an impact on his estimate of how many customers would be lost if the Ridge Road access is closed. But Rocciola said that percentage was not included in has analysis. He reiterated, however, that his traffic count numbers were “pretty consistent” with the numbers presented by Staiger. In response to another question by Weiner, Rocciola said the comparative size of the convenience stores at the two sites would not have an impact on his analysis and opinion because he only compared traffic counts. But Weiner suggested that a larger convenience store, such as proposed by Pilot, would generate more traffic, and he said the trip generation numbers used by Staiger were associated with the size of the convenience store. “I suggest the floor area (at Valero) is much less and the board should consider it,” Weiner said. Weiner also suggested that, if Pilot’s pump service would be faster than Valero’s, that could be a factor in truckers choosing to go to the Pilot site. Rocciola acknowledged that the board could consider that point. The Love Fund’s nine trustees meet monthly to review and respond to the needs of these children. The trustees are sometimes asked to share the stories that have brought tears to their eyes and hugs from grateful recipients. They wish they could. However, the reputation and trust which the Love Fund has earned over the years is because of the trustees’ adherence to strict confidentiality. In celebration of the organization’s anniversary, the community is invited to a celebratory concert by SIRENE and Friends. This group’s work features four-part a cappella harmony. Their sound has been described as being “as close as you are going to get to heaven before you get there.” This free performance will be held on Friday, Feb. 13 at 7:30 p.m. at the Wyckoff Reformed Church, 580 Wyckoff Avenue, Wyckoff. This month, Wyckoff residents will have another opportunity to support the Love Fund’s work with children. All local residents recently received an informational brochure about the group and a response envelope for a 2009 contribution. This community mailing also requested that residents who know a child or children who might benefit from the Love Fund call Rev. David Bach at (201) 891-1782. All information will be kept confidential. Wyckoff Love Fund trustees include Rev. Jim Knol, Pat Khanjian, Rev. Bach, Lynn Clark, Rabbi Kenneth Emert, Susan Yudin, Rev. Norman Brown, Rev. David Wiley, and Jan Meyer. The trustees continue to be grateful for the organizational ideas and encouragement of the Midland Park Love Fund 10 years ago. Engaged? Just Married? Celebrating an Anniversary? Share the news with neighbors and friends! Announce your Special Event in We welcome photographs. Send announcements to: The Villadom TIMES P Box 96, Midland Park, NJ 07432 .O.