Page 6 THE VILLADOM TIMES II, III & IV • December 23, 2009 BUILDING FOR A BETTER TOMORROW HEART & VASCULAR HOSPITAL Hackensack University Medical Center announces the construction of its new, state-of-the-art hospital within a hospital dedicated to patients with cardiac and vascular disease and the renowned doctors who take care of them. Our world-class facility will integrate all necessary services to prevent, diagnose, and treat patients with cardiovascular disease – strokes, aneurysms, peripheral artery disease, blocked arteries, irregular heartbeats, and heart failure with a special focus on breakthrough research and disease management. • HACKENSACK UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER’S When completed, the new hospital will offer innovations in cardiothoracic surgery, interventional procedures, imaging, electrophysiology, and endovascular procedures. A HEALTHIER TOMORROW IS A HEARTBEAT AWAY. For a renowned cardiac or vascular physician affiliated with Hackensack University Medical Center , call Hackensack University Medical Center Proudly serving the community since 1888.