Page 8 THE VILLADOM TIMES IV • August 19, 2009 Emmanuel asks... Can You Help? Our hat’s off to everyone who has made a recent contribution. You and your family can make a big difference this summer – that time of year when our food pantry is in most need of replenishing. It’s summer! Most moms look forward to having the children around and participating in a variety of warm weather activities. Most children look forward to hours of summer fun, with lots of sunscreen, swimming pools, iced tea and lemonade, water balloons, grilled food, and vacations. For 10-year old Kelly, the summer has quite a different feeling. Kelly was diagnosed with leukemia about two months ago. She is unable to participate in the typical summer activities, but she does manage to keep busy with crafts and drawing. Her sisters, eight-year old Alison, and five-year old Ellynne, are also affected by all of the changes. Because of budget constraints, the family isn’t even able to do what others take for granted, like going out for ice cream together. They are barely able to purchase anything other than the bare necessities, while they watch their bills mount with each mail delivery. Naturally, Kelly’s 4-29-09 karen/janine parents are overwhelmed and the atmosphere at home has EmmanuelHelp2x.75(4-29-09) been tense. More than once, the girls have heard their mom crying in the bathroom. 3 xThe Northern Regional Center started to work with this .75 family at the time of Kelly’s diagnosis. The caseworker visits with the family, and now things at home are a little more calm and relaxed. We have made a delivery of bags of nonperishable food and dropped off some summer clothing. A small emergency grant paid the unpaid rent and fuel bills. It is only with your contribution to the Family Financial Assistance Program that we are able to make a difference for families like Kelly’s. With your donation of groceries and your financial support, we can meet the many needs of these families: people who might be your neighbors. There are more than 230 families receiving support from ECF at this time. Please consider helping them, too. Another great way to help is through your donation of gifts cards to restaurants, ice cream stores, and department stores, or simply an American Express gift card that families can use where it is most needed. Call us at (201) 612-8118 before you stop by. Please do not leave items at the center without checking with us first. Our storage space is limited. Current hours are Monday, 10 to 1; Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, 10 to 5; and Thursday, 10 to 2. The Northern Regional Center is located at 174 Paterson Avenue, Midland Park, NJ 07432. Visit us on the Web at As always, thank you for helping the children and their families! Mayor appoints 10 to Ramsey OEM Mayor Christopher Botta recently appointed 10 new members to the Ramsey Office of Emergency Management. OEM Coordinator Michael Adams commented that many of the new members would also be joining the ambulance corps, rescue squad or fire department. Pictured are Thomas McCabe, Mayor Botta, Alex Bogaenko, Michael Ferrucci, Christopher Keosayian, Christopher Parneros, Emily McCabe, Jonathan Boone, Joseph Jurewicz, and Jake Spezial. Storm Miller, the tenth new member, recently graduated from the EMT course at the Bergen County Law & Public Safety Institute.