August 19, 2009 THE VILLADOM TIMES IV • Page 5 Mahwah Winter’s Pond dredging to resume in September by Frank J. McMahon Dredging at Winters Pond on West Ramapo Avenue, Mahwah will resume in September, when the Bergen County Mosquito Commission is expected to return. The project also includes the cleaning and restoration of the Masonicus Brook. The brook originates in New York State and meanders through the township from the Apple Ridge area under Route 17 and back under that highway near West Airmount Road into Winter’s Pond and the Ramapo River. The heavy equipment the mosquito commission brought to the pond when the job began in June was removed and the project halted in July when the Orange and Rockland Electric Company realized the equipment might interfere with its transmission lines, which are about 40 feet above the pond’s water level. The utility stopped the work until a work plan could be prepared and approved. Mike Kelly, a professional engineer with Boswell Engineering, the township’s engineering firm, provided the township council with the status of the project at its last public meeting. Boswell Engineering is providing the engineering and site supervision services associated with the dredging and the brook restoration. Kelly advised that the mosquito commission agreed to make modifications to its plan and will no use the longer reach equipment to dredge the center of the pond. Smaller machines will be used instead in the area of the transmission wires, and the longer reach machines will be used around the pond’s periphery. He said the preparation of the plan will cost the township no more than $9,000, and the biggest part of that expense will be the effort by the surveyor to determine the exact location of the transmission wires. Councilman Allan Kidd objected to the electric utility stopping the project. He said the last time the pond was dredged, about 20 years ago, the same equipment was used and a work plan was not required. But Kelly said if Orange and Rockland knew about the project the last time the pond was dredged, they would have required a work plan then, too. Mayor Richard Martel explained that Orange and Rockland is concerned the dredging equipment will touch the wires and short them out or cause an electric arc from the wires to the equipment. The council then proceeded to approve a resolution authorizing Boswell Engineering to prepare a work plan for the project. Kidd voted against that resolution. According to Kelly, the project could take a year to a year and a half to complete, and the project will be monitored during that time by Boswell Engineering. The dredging will be performed by the mosquito commission, which will remove about three to four feet of silt from the pond bottom, and clean the Masonicus Brook at no cost to the township. Boswell will inspect and coordinate the work by the mosquito commission and inspect and supervise the (continued on page 23) A picnic for seniors will be held on the patio of the Mahwah Municipal Pool on Thursday Aug. 20 starting at noon. Lunch will be served to Mahwah seniors, and entertainment will be provided. There is no charge for this event. Seniors are encouraged to bring their bathing suits, and enjoy the pool for the entire day. After a picnic lunch of hot dogs, potato salad, chips, ice cream, fruit and soda, seniors are invited to dance, and celebrate summer at this festive event. The rain date for this picnic is Friday, Aug. 21. Call the pool with questions at (201) 529-4949. Senior picnic planned Roundup® Weed & Grass Killer Ready-To-Use Pump ‘N Go ™ Sprayer  APPLY WHEN WEEDS ARE ACTIVE & GROWING  USE ON PATIOS, WALKWAYS, DRIVEWAYS, AROUND SHRUBS AND TREES  FOAMING TECHNOLGY LETS YOU SEE WHERE YOU SPRAY Mon-Wed 7:30-6, Thurs & Fri 7:30-8 Sat 8-5 OPEN SUNDAY 9-3 MAKE WEEDS AND UNWANTED GRASS GO AWAY! 8-19-09 janine GodwinDental4x9(8-19-09) 4 x 9” 27 FRANKLIN TPKE, WALDWICK • 201-652-5666