Page 26 THE VILLADOM TIMES I, II, III & IV • April 29, 2009 Home Improvement & Gardening Top five ways to save water at home (ARA) Less than three percent of the Earth’s water is fresh water and much of that is inaccessible to people. Additionally, at least 36 states anticipate experiencing water shortages by 2013, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. So, if you could easily save water and save money at the same time, why wouldn’t you? The water conservation experts at Kohler -- a leader in kitchen and bath design and technology, and partner in the Environmental Protection Agency’s WaterSense program -- share their top tips to save water at home. Clean Green Pay attention to the size of your load of laundry and adjust the water level of your washing machine accordingly. Use a broom to sweep debris rather than cleaning your driveway, steps, or sidewalk with a hose. Make sure you run your dishwasher when it’s fully loaded to maximize the number of dishes cleaned during a cycle. Upgrade and Repair When it’s time to refresh and remodel the bathroom, replace your older, less-efficient toilet with a high-efficiency toilet that can save up to 16,500 gallons of water per year. Swap your old showerhead for a low-flow or water-conserving showerhead to save more than 7,700 gallons of water per year. If a bathroom remodel is not in your plans, make sure to fix leaky faucets right away and install water-saving aerators that can save hundreds of gallons of water per year. Gardens That Sip, Not Guzzle Water your garden early in the morning or after dusk to prevent evaporation, and avoid watering on windy days. Landscape with native plants and those that do not require a lot of water. For indoor plants, use leftover water instead of dumping a half-empty glass of drinking water down the drain. Short Showers Limit the time spent in the shower to 10 minutes or less and turn off the water while brushing your teeth or shaving to prevent excess water from going down the drain. Water Accountability Make sure your home does not have hidden water leaks. Do a quick check by reading your water meter before you leave for a few hours (as long as the house is empty when you’re gone). If your meter doesn’t have the same reading when you return, you probably have a leak. For additional water (and money) saving tips and to find out how water savvy you are, visit For each visitor who takes the water savings quiz, Kohler will donate $1 of product to Habitat for Humanity. Spring ������� ������ ���������� ����������� G.R. Goris Since 1982 W/COUPON • Exp. 5/10/09 • Not Combinable  Sewer & Drain Cleaning $ 25  Water Heaters OFF ANY VICE CAL  Bathroom Remodeling SERwith this ad L Plumbing Alterations NO JOB TOO SMALL I R R I G AT I O N AND OUTDOOR LIGHTING DESIGN • INSTALLATION • REPAIR Start-Ups as low as $4995 LIFETIME WARRANTEE ON ALL NEW INSTALLATIONS  Weekend & Evening Appointments Available to Fit Your Schedule Serving Mahwah & Surrounding Towns Family Trade Since1927 repair service 201-447-LAWN (5296) NJ Home Improvement Contractor Lic. #13VH02695300 You May Not Need a New Driveway… racks and potholes do not necessarily mean that you need a completely new driveway, according to Rich of McFarlane Driveway Restoration. The McFarlane family has 4-22-09 pat/janine a history of servicing the CirinoBW2x2(created2/11/08) Bergen/Passaic area. 2 X 2” Getting a new driveway costs thousands of dollars, but Rich and his crew are ready to restore the driveway you have as an economical alternative with the latest Asphalt recyRich McFarlane cling and infrared equipment available. They are a Blacktop Company that has gone GREEN! McFarlane Driveway Restoration fills potholes with hot asphalt – not cold fill that rapidly decays. The hot asphalt is then melted along the edges, forming a direct seal with the driveway. Best yet – your driveway will be ready for traffic within 24 hours. It seems Rich was destined to get into the family business. His parents drove him home from the hospital – his very first ride -- in a paving truck, a safe choice for the newborn given the blizzard conditions that day. As he grew up, Rich heard potential customers asking if the company repaired potholes, which it did not at the time. Rich decided this area would be a great niche for him, and his success in this specialty area followed. Ask Rich and his team how they can help you extend the life of your current driveway. His company also applies seal coat to help protect driveways against deterioration. Rich recommends resealing the driveway at least every two years to replenish asphalt, which can become aged and weathered. Restore yours today! They have kept their 2008 prices and are honoring 2008 estimates too. No job is too small. McFarlane Driveway Restoration is a member of the Mahwah Regional Chamber of Commerce. They welcome all commercial and residential clients. Call their friendly office staff for your free consultation today at (201) 560-0222 or visit online at C 4-22-09 pat/janine LandscapeWorksIrrig2x3(4-22-09) 2 x 3”  Plumbing & Heating , LLC NJ Master Plumber #12147 201-995-1380 Emergency Service