April 15, 2009 THE VILLADOM TIMES II & IV • Page 19 Acting heavyweights spar in ‘Doubt’ by Dennis Seuling “Doubt” (Miramax) contains the best assemblage of first-rate actors of any film released in 2008. It is the tale of the principal of a Bronx Catholic school, Sister Aloysius (Meryl Streep), who suspects that parish priest Father Flynn (Philip Seymour Hoffman) has been molesting one of the school’s students. The problem is, Sister Aloysius has no definitive proof, yet she is positively convinced, based on what she has observed and incidents reported to her, that Father Flynn is guilty and must be removed. As played by Streep, Sister Aloysius is a tough overseer. She runs the school with rigid rules and little tolerance for disrespect or insubordination. Because nuns are subservient to priests, it is nearly impossible for Sister Aloysius to approach the monsignor with her misgivings, so she takes it upon herself to destroy Father Flynn. The film contains able support from two Academy Award-nominated performers, Amy Adams as Sister James and Viola Davis in a heart-rending performance as the mother of a boy at the school. Based on a stage play, “Doubt” benefits from the crisp dialogue by John Patrick Shanley. It retains its stage origins, with little attempt to open up the proceedings for film, but no matter. With actors like these, there are plenty of dramatic fireworks to enthrall the viewer. Blu-ray extras include featurettes on the transformation of “Doubt” from stage to film, scoring the movie, cast profiles, and commentary with Shanley. Dog lovers will not be able to resist “Marley and Me” (20th Century-Fox Home Entertainment), one of last year’s box office champs. Based on the memoir by newspaper columnist John Grogan, the film is the chronicle of a young family and their dog, Marley, easily the worst dog in the world. He destroys furniture, eats through walls, jumps out of car windows, and is entirely out of control. Yet to Grogan, played by Owen Wilson, and Jenny (Jennifer Aniston), Marley is part of the family, even as their three children come along. The movie follows Marley from puppyhood onward, and there are some sad moments as Marley faces problems brought on by old age. However, most of the film is upbeat and very funny. The three-disc release contains Blu-ray, DVD, and digital copies of the movie with loads of extras. Among them are: 19 deleted scenes, a featurette on casting the 22 dogs who play Academy Award-nominees Meryl Streep and Philip Seymour Hoffman star in ‘Doubt.’ Marley, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of the dogs at work. Although known today primarily for its feature-length animated films, color shorts were the Disney Company’s bread and butter from the 1930s through the 1950s. Many of those shorts were based on classic (continued on Crossword page) BUY ONE ENTREE AT REGULAR PRICE AND RECEIVE A SECOND ENTREE OF EQUAL OR LESSER VALUE FOR $5 • Expires 5-14-09 THE POWER$ OF th 5 Year Anniversary Come celebrate 5 years of Tabboule with us! Over the next 5 weeks purchase any one entrée or platter, dine-in or take out, and get the second for only $5 FREE DELIVERY IN RIDGEWOOD FOR ORDERS OVER $20 TABBOULE FINE LEBANESE CUISINE 5 www.TiffanyDiner.com P ...49¢ 99 & U ES $3. DA W/MEAL......29¢ CH LUN EE or SO ............ 9¢ • RS $6 DINNE .99 & U P COFF W/ MEAL... ...............4 SOUP RT W/ MEAL DESSE SPECIAL LATE-NIGHT MENU 1045 Route 17 South • Ramsey, NJ • 201-825-3572 #1 German Restaurant in Bergen & Passaic Counties! Fresh, Fast & Friendly www.tabboule.com 90 N. Maple Ave., Ridgewood, NJ (KING’S Shopping Center) That’s 5 years, 5 weeks, $ 00 TAKE TIME OUT FOR LUNCH NEW KIRKERS Businessmen’s & Senior Lunch Special BUY ONE ENTREE AT REGULAR PRICE AND RECEIVE A SECOND ENTREE OF EQUAL OR LESSER VALUE FOR $5 Expires 5-14-09 5 4-15-09Joan from Janine $895 - $1395 •Served Noon - 3 pm Daily Over 23 Entrees from TiffanyDiner3x3(4-15-09) Vegetable, Enjoy our Popular Includes Soup or Salad, Choice 3 col x 3” of Entree and Coffee/Tea Country Lunch ������ �������� $ 95 TUESDAY SPECIAL - Our Top “6” Entrees ������ Only $12.00 – Served 6-8pm Jr. Entree or Sandwich 4 Hours: Mon-Thurs, 11am-9pm • Fri-Sat, 11am-10pm • Sun, 12pm - 9pm • Lunch Mon-Fri, 11am-3pm 90 N. Maple Ave., Ridgewood • KING’S Shopping Center • 201-444-7044 • Fax: 201-444-7034 Sauerbraten, Wienerchnitzel, “Wursts” Platter, Prime Rib, Stuffed Shrimp with Crabmeat Shore Thing - Broiled or Fried with a cup of Soup www.kirkers.com • All Major Credit Cards Accepted • Open Mon - Sat • Noon til 11:30 pm 237 Diamond Bridge Ave, Hawthorne • 973-427-7700 4-15-09 Kathy/Janine