Page 4 THE VILLADOM TIMES III • September 2, 2009 Ho-Ho-Kus The Hermitage History Roundtable will begin its fall season Wednesday, Sept. 30 at 7:30 p.m. with a presentation by local historian John Becica. Using Ree Hopper’s recently published genealogy of the first six generations of the Hopper family, Becica has continued his study of HoHo-Kus during the Revolutionary War. His presentation is entitled “The Hoppers of Hoppertown: The ‘First Family’ of Ho-Ho-Kus, and their role in the American Revolution.” Becica is author of “The Revolutionary War in Ho-HoKus: Military Encounters at Hoppertown/Paramus, 17761781,” which was published in 1998. The historian will discuss the Hoppers, who were the founders of the present day Ho-Ho-Kus business district and the surrounding area. By the time of the American Revolution, the Hoppers were fourth and fifth generation Becica to discuss the ‘first family’ of Ho-Ho-Kus Americans. While many residents of Bergen County were not openly taking sides, or were outright Tories, the Hoppers made it clear that they were committed to the Patriot cause. This made them targets for local Tories and the British. Thus, the ravages of war came to Hoppertown on four different occasions, culminating in the Siege of Hoppertown in April of 1780. Learn where this family came from and how its mem- bers were related to each other. Becica will discuss the siege of Hoppertown, where the family’s members lived, and how the Hoppertown Hoppers were related to Andrew Hopper of Ramapo, the alleged spy for Washington. The Hermitage History Roundtable is free and open to the public. The group meets in the John Rosencrantz Visitors’ Center, adjacent to the Hermitage at 335 North Franklin Turnpike, Ho-Ho-Kus. Mediator to join in contract talks Mediator Kathleen Vogt will be joining the Ho-Ho-Kus Board of Education and the Ho-Ho-Kus Education Association in the contract negotiations in the coming weeks, according to school officials. Late last week, School Board President Peter Terenzio indicated that the teachers’ organization had requested the input of a state mediator, which led to Vogt’s appointment. Terenzio said negotiations are still underway, and both sides are attempting to secure a mutually acceptable meeting date in the near future. “The board is still trying to get (the contract) resolved,” Terenzio stated. The contract between the board of education and the HEA, the organization that represents the district’s teachers and other union employees, expired June 30. Contract negotiations began in January. The school district previously reported that the talks had resulted in a memorandum of agreement jointly signed by the parties’ negotiators in May, but a majority of the HEA members did not ratify the terms of the proposed contract. In mid-May, Villadom TIMES reported that the members of the Ho-Ho-Kus Board of Education and teachers, then led by Mary Meier, were working on the terms of a new contract for the district’s educators. At that time, Terenzio commented that the trustees and the teachers had been negotiating under difficult financial circumstances, but he reported that both sides were handling the matter professionally. Neither the HEA nor the school board has released details concerning the contract talks or the contract that was not ratified. Villadom TIMES attempted to contact the HEA for comment, but no additional information was available at press time. J. 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