Page 12 THE VILLADOM TIMES I, II, III & IV • September 2, 2009 �������������� Tips offer college students ideas to stay physically active College students’ schedules are filled with classes, dorm meetings, and study sessions. Yet all these activities are sedentary and only burn mental - not physical - energy. If you are a college student, it’s crucial that you get a dose of physical exercise in order for your body to function optimally. Start by taking advantage of all the ����������������������������� resources the college campus has to offer. ������������ bus. Walk or bike to class instead. Skip the campus Walk to the dining hall on the far side of campus instead �������������������� of the one near your dorm. Park your car far away from the library, and walk the rest of the way. Join an intramural sport like softball, rugby, or foot������������������ ball. You’ll make new friends as you burn calories. Take a fitness class for credit. Enroll in aerobics or weight lifting to stay in shape as you raise your GPA. Take advantage of student perks. Most colleges have a gym that students can join for free or at a reduced price. If you hate the monotony of the bike or treadmill, try a class like yoga or Pilates. Check out the campus tennis, racquetball, or squash courts. Some schools even have golf courses or trails for skiing or horseback riding. Take a class or a lesson to burn calories as you meet new people. Bring those coffee conversations to the road. Go for a walk or throw around a baseball as you chat with friends. Live on the fifth floor of your dorm? Ditch the elevator for the stairs. Take every other step to work out the legs. Take advantage of all that time spent in lecture halls and libraries. While sitting and breathing naturally, contract your abdominal muscles for 30 seconds. Do this throughout the day as a technique to tighten the tummy. Take advantage of the terrain. Go for a hike, check out the trails for jogging, or bike ride through the fall foliage. Just be careful to avoid traveling alone in isolated areas or at night. Need To Shed That Summer Weight? r at This Septembe Burn It Off at Fitness Forever, you will Focusing on you is what we do BEST! $ $ $ 150.00 OFF or 350.00 OFF or 200.00 OFF or 6 Free Sessions 6 Free Sessions 6 Free Sessions with the purchase package of 36 sessions with the purchase package with the purchase package of 100 sessions or more of 50 or 72 sessions • Never wait for equipment • Receive 1-on-1 attention from a certified fitness professional that will always stay positive and vary the routine to reach your fitness goals. • Work out in a new, state-of-the art facility outfitted with an assortment of elite cardio and strength training equipment • Be accommodated with individualized and flexible scheduling • Receive comprehensive nutritional counseling and diet plan • Experience NO distractions • Stay motivated in a friendly and upbeat atmosphere • Always be held accountable • Feel amazingly fit and look the best you ever have! CALL US FOR A FREE CONSULTATION AND TAKE YOUR FIRST STEP TO FITNESS FOREVER 37B West Allendale Ave. • (A&P Shopping Plaza) • Allendale\ 201-825-2324 New School of Dance Arts 9-2-09 Mike/Janine I may not be a ballet dancer, but FitnessForever2x(9-2-09) I will have “gained” much from my dance classes 2 x 4.5” When I grow up…. Eating is one of life’s simplest pleasures. Experience La Vie En Rose. Your senses will surely thank you. at NSDA – self-confidence, focus, friendships, appreciation for the arts, a healthy attitude towards exercise - all while having a very positive experience. NEW! Boys-Only We have been teaching Classes dance for 34 years, but it is so much more than that! Give us a call at 201-444-3929 Studio is Open for In-Person Registration Beginning August 18 Through September 10 Tuesdays/Wednesdays from Noon – 4:30pm & Thursdays from 10:30 – 1:00 16 & 18 Godwin Plaza, Godwin Avenue, Midland Park, NJ 07432 Directors/Teachers: Ann Clark Van Hine & Carol Ferro Maffei Teachers: Jes Kelly & Dena Malarek La Vie En brings a a European flair to Waldwick. La Vie En RoseRose bringsEuropean flair to Waldwick. We invite for a healthy breakfast, have salad, you you for a healthy breakfast, have salad, We’ll be happyWe invitesoup or sandwich delivered to your office, sandwich your own to your tea. to deliver lunch soup oror even cater delivered afternoonoffice, to your child’s or even cater your own afternoon tea. Cookies, Cakes & Tarts Baked Fresh Daily. school. Cookies, Cakes & Tarts baked fresh daily. 10 W. Prospect Street • Waldwick La Vie En Rose • Waldwick 10 W. Prospect Street brings a European flair to Wa 201-652-8880 We invite you for a healthy breakfast, have sa 201-652-8880 delivered to your office soup or sandwich or even cater your own afternoon tea. Cookies, Cakes & Tarts baked fresh da 10 W. Prospect Street • Waldwic