Waldwick October 28, 2009 THE VILLADOM TIMES III • Page 9 The Borough of Waldwick has done well over the years from cell tower revenues, receiving $215,000 this year alone from leases on two sites. That figure will soon go even higher. Metro PCS has indicated that it wishes to co-locate its wireless antennas on the tower at the leaf mulch site behind Boston Market. Additionally, T-Mobile and Clearview Communications have indicated they want to colocate at the DPW site on Industrial Way. These three antennas could bring the borough an additional $80,000 Borough seeks bids for more cell tower locators or more per year, according to Borough Administrator Gary Kratz. In addition, Sprint Spectrum, whose antennas are already on the tower behind Boston Market, has asked to amend its lease to accommodate five additional antennas on its deck at that site. The company would pay an additional $3,600 a year on its existing lease, and replace the low-band police whip antenna on the pole as a bonus. The borough will purchase the new antenna and Sprint will provide the labor free of charge, Kratz said. The Waldwick Council recently adopted an ordinance raising rates for its water utility. The last rate adjustment was done in 2007. The 14.8 percent increase will raise water costs for the average user by $55.10 per year, according to Borough Administrator Gary Kratz. It will be spread equally among all classes of users. According to Councilman Don Sciolaro, the last adjustment had been weighed in favor of the small users, such as senior citizens or small businesses. “We have had a reduction in the amount of gallons used due to conservation,” said Kratz. “Unfortunately, with a water utility, the fixed costs don’t go down, and those savings have been offset by increases in electricity,” he added. Council adopts increased water rates “It was unavoidable. We tried to raise it as little as possible,” said Sciolaro. “It’s a user based fee rather than spread out. If you use the system more, you pay more,” he added. The new ordinance provides for the minimum charge for users of 2,500 gallons or less to go up to $29 per quarter, a $5 increase. Other users will be charged at the following rates: From 2,500 gallons up to 30,000 gallons, $4.79 per 1,000 gallons; From 30,000 gallons up to 65,000 gallons, $5.35 per 1,000 gallons; More than 65,000 gallons, $6.23 per 1,000 gallons. Kratz said that the average water consumption is about 70,000 gallons per year. At its last meeting the borough council voted to seek bids for co-locators for the DPW and leaf transfer facilities, a legal requirement so that all interested companies can have the opportunity to locate there. “The mayor and council have been very proactive in trying to secure additional non-tax revenues. This is one of those efforts,” commented Kratz. The borough presently has four locators on the 150-foot tower at the leaf transfer facility: Sprint, Nextel, T-Mobile and ATT Singular. The new bid will allow for a fifth. ATT Singular and Verizon are located on the DPW garage tower. That tower is 125-ft. high, but Kratz said he thinks two additional locators can be accommodated, noting that there has to be a distance of 7-10 feet between cell decks. A third telecommunications monopole in the borough is located at the corner of Wyckoff and Crescent avenues behind the 7-Eleven. That location is privately owned. GET BACK IN YOUR SKINNY JEANS FOR THE HOLIDAYS! • 25% OFF Reducing Program • Refer a New Client and Receive 2 FREE Weeks • Purchase Now. 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