October 28, 2009 THE VILLADOM TIMES III • Page 17 Letters to the Editor (continued from page 16) sanctuaries. On a smaller scale, Allendale is again caring about its roots and its open space. The Fell House, located near the Celery Farm on Franklin Turnpike, is a cherished part of our history, the home of a Revolutionary War leader who stood up to the British and went to jail for his patriotism. Again, a dedicated group is working to protect this treasure. As with the Celery Farm and Crestwood Lake, some people say, “Why bother?” Before you answer this question, ask yourself how often you have walked, played ball, held a barbecue, or enjoyed nature on land others worked so hard to save. Those who have a dream, Concerned Citizens of Allendale, continue to work tirelessly to save our history and open space. Where do you stand? Are you for preservation or more pavement? For further information, and to support preserving Allendale, contact pfinn07401@gmail.com. Sara B. Novak Allendale Dear Editor: On behalf of the Upper Saddle River Mayor and Council and the USR Recreation Commission, I would like to thank everyone that participated in this year’s USR Day. The weather could not have been better and over 3,000 people attended. Evidenced by the children running around, the crowds under the tent, and the amount of food consumed, this year’s picnic was once again a success. We would like to thank and acknowledge: Borough Administrator Ted Preusch, Borough Clerk Rose Vido, USR Day Chair Esau Ali, and all the members of the recreation commission and council who were responsible for organizing this annual event. Our DPW worked long and hard, as did the police department, ambulance corps, fire department, and rescue squad. We are also indebted to Georgene Sibbald and the Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts, Lions Club, Rotary Club, and the USR Board of Education. We thank all the volunteers who worked that day and the weeks leading up to the picnic for their hard work. A very special thank you to our sponsors who helped make this wonderful event possible: Columbia Bank, Inserra Shop Rite, Secor Farms, and the SRV Jewish Community Organization. See everyone again next year! Ed Gartner USR Recreation Director Dear Editor: I am writing to voice my support of Waldwick Democratic Council Candidates J. Patrick Hunter and Frank Jaegge. I have had the privilege to serve with both of them on the zoning board of adjustment and have been able to see both of them in action. They always try to represent the best interests of Waldwick during some of the rather difficult applications we as a board had to review. During this time, I also had the opportunity to get to know them on a personal level. Hunter is a very motivated individual who grew up in Waldwick and went through our public school system from kindergarten to high school. He went on to Ramapo College and earned an MBA in finance and now has a significant position with Mercedes-Benz. Jaegge has lived in Waldwick for 49 years and is an 11th Division Airborne Veteran from the Korean War who also is on our fire department. As a town, we have all seen what the incumbents can do. It is time for a change. Hunter and Jaegge are the breath of fresh air our Town Council needs. Please join me on Tuesday, Nov. 3 and elect Hunter and Jaegge. Rich Drury Waldwick dedicated and insightful mayor, Buddy Litchult, and J. Patrick Hunter and Frank Jaegge will to just that. Both are creative and successful leaders and will bring these traits to the council without being divisive. Patrick is a life-long Waldwick resident who has given back to the community, and a successful businessman with excellent financial experience. Frank, a resident for 49 years, was a Waldwick fireman for 47 years and showed solid leadership as chief in 1971, 1988, and 1989. He has been an effective member of the planning board during his five-year tenure and during his current service on the zoning board along with Patrick. Leadership and vision are needed for Waldwick. J. Patrick Hunter and Frank Jaegge will bring these needed qualities to the council. Please support them on Nov. 3. Bob Rizzotti Waldwick Editor’s Note: The writer is a former member of the Waldwick Borough Council. Seeks ‘breath of fresh air’ Director expresses gratitude The Villadom TIMES Welcomes Your Press Releases & Photos Email to: editorial@villadom.com. Or mail to: PO Box 96, Midland Park, NJ 07432 (only quality photo prints can be used) Press releases & photos must be received by WEDNESDAY prior to publication. Digital photos must be JPEG files with a resolution of at least 300 dpi. Dear Editor: While there is a move afoot to change governors, I sincerely believe it’s time to change the composition of the Waldwick Council. 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