Waldwick October 21, 2009 THE VILLADOM TIMES III • Page 3 Engineer discusses solution to Borough Park flooding Improving the drainage conditions at Borough Park in Waldwick could cost more than $50,000 and will necessitate approval from the state Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP). Borough engineer Michael DeSena told the Waldwick Mayor and Council at a recent workshop session that the park is within the flood hazard area of the Ho-Ho-Kus Brook, where zero fill is allowed. He said the first step towards determining a course of action is to do a full topographic survey to determine whether the park area that would need to be re-graded and partially filled is, in fact, within the flood hazard area. DeSena said the survey would run about $8,000, plus additional costs for permitting work and permit fees from the NJDEP and Bergen County Soil Conservation, if the project progresses. Top soil and other improvements would cost about $50,000, but Borough Administrator Gary Kratz said the borough could apply for an Open Space Grant to cover these costs. “Now we have to do what is needed to present our argument to the DEP,” said Kratz. “I’ll have to take a look and see where we can get the $8,000,” he added, noting that the entire parcel to be surveyed, which includes White’s Pond, is 37 acres. The survey would delineate the flood hazard elevations and the floodway limits for the brook as well as include the regulated riparian zone. It would then be presented to the DEP for an “applicability determination” as to whether the flood hazard area is affected, but DeSena said he hopes to offer a remediation plan that does not affect it. He said that if the remediation plan were to affect the flood hazard area, an equal amount of flood storage would have to be included within the area to offset the placement of fill within it. He said he believes this is not a feasible alternative. Noting that the park area is composed of very compacted clay which is poorly-drained and unsuitable for establishing a grass cover, the engineer is proposing to install a subsurface drainage system to provide for the collection and conveyance of runoff from the park to the brook; and to import topsoil and re-grade the area to provide for the establishment of lawn and positive drainage runoff. He said the effect of this solution on the brook should be negligible. Councilman Frank Palladino suggested removing the compacted clay and replacing it with fresh soil to improve percolation. DeSena said this would require considerable digging, as much as two-feet, which would not be cost effective, may affect healthy tree roots, and would still need DEP approval. DeSena said that since the proposed area of disturbance exceeds 1 acre, the DEP will consider the project a major development and thus subject to the Stormwater Management Rules. He said, however, that because the project does not involve the addition of impervious surface, provisions for water quality, water quantity, and groundwater recharge will not be required. The Applicability Determination will confirm areas that fall within NJDEP jurisdiction and will provide guidance regarding the permits required for the proposed improvements. Pending the results of the Applicability Determination, a preapplication meeting with NJDEP may be recommended, DeSena concluded. specializing in Solution Focused Brief Therapy • • THE CENTER FOR COUPLES AND FAMILY SOLUTIONS couples & marriage issues family transitions & conflict • separation and divorce • women’s issues • anxiety • depression • child behavior problems Debra D. Castaldo, Ph.D. Over 25 years experience; faculty at Columbia & Rutgers Universities; former Director Pediatric Social Work at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital; Author of “Divorced without Children: Solution Focused Therapy with Women at Midlife” 666 Godwin Avenue, Midland Park, NJ 07432 • 201-569-3137 www.debracastaldo.com 10-21-09 ester/janine DrCastaldo3x3(10-21-09) 3 x 3” • Playland • Turf/Sports • Archade • Wacky Science • Baseball We Are Parties