October 21, 2009 THE VILLADOM TIMES III & IV • Page 27 Home Improvement How to redesign your home to suit your personality (ARA) When guests enter your home, what they see is a reflection of who you are. What do you want that reflection to be? It’s a seemingly simple question, but one that goes to the core of your personality. In order to redesign your home to reflect your real self, you have to know who that person is. The cardinal rule is: Be true to your own taste, trust yourself, maintain your confidence, and never worry what others will think. When you hear that inner voice saying, “I really like this, but what would so and so say?” banish that negative message and go with your intuition. It’s your home, after all, and it should reflect who you are at this moment in time. Sometimes it takes a professional designer to elicit from the client his or her true preferences. Part psychologist, part designer, a professional draws from a client hidden aspects of personality that they didn’t even know existed. A designer might show many pictures of numerous styles to clients, seeing which one they respond to most positively. When you drill down to the core of a person -- all truth will then flow. Since all decisions will emanate from one true source -- the real you -- consistency will naturally follow. And as long as there is an essential consistent theme, most designers agree, you will have a successful result. “The most successful interiors are those with an underlying structure and theme. A common theme brings order,” said James Evanson, interior design instructor at The Art Institute of New York City. “People collect things with no order. A professional designer can help focus ideas. Remember you shouldn’t have anything in your home that is neither beautiful nor practical. If the object fits neither category, perhaps you should rethink your approach.” Gina Carlson, interior design academic director at The Art Institutes International Minnesota, agreed. “Too many people don’t plan their living space,” she said. She advises that clients ask themselves, “Does this enhance my life? What am I trying to accomplish in this space? What do I want to change in my life? Do I need more space for cooking? Do I want a place to work from home?” She says the principles of feng shui can bring these ideas to fruition. “Through feng shui analysis we can determine what colors and what kind of environment is unique to each person, supporting them in their lifestyle and goals.” Whatever the ultimate design philosophy, a good starting point is with the ancient Greeks who are credited with the maxim: Know thyself. They understood that getting to know one’s true self is a lifelong journey, relevant to all aspects of living, with both spiritual and everyday applications. Fall UCCELLI PETR PAINTING & HOME MAINTENANCE Services: HARDSCAPE & MASONRY • Patios & Walls • Stonework • Pool Decks • Driveways • Steps • Full Masonry W/COUPON • Exp. 10/31/09 • Not Combinable 201-847-2552 Lic. #13VH02631200 Owner Operated email: drew1068@optonline.net “Since 1989” • Interior & Exterior Painting • Custom Finishes • Handyman Services • Staining & Refinishing • Drywall & Plaster Repair Member Painting & Decorating Contractors Assoc. (201) 847-0274 The Villadom TIMES is giving you the opportunity to present your quality services and merchandise in a special Fall Home Improvement & Decorating Guide. 9-30-09 pat/janine Villadom TIMES, you’ll get the exposure you need in 56,300 In The CirinoBW2x2(9-30-09) in your market area. And, as always, your Villadom TIMES homes right advertising message is conveniently delivered each week by US mail to 2 X 2” every residence in the ten affluent Bergen County towns listed below. Publication: Deadline: FALL homeimprovement & decorating ����������������������� �������������������������������� 10-14-09 janine Petruccelli2x3(10-14-09) 2 x 3” Call The Villadom TIMES today to place your advertisement. WEDNESDAY WEDNESDAY 201-652-0744 OCTOBER 28 NOVEMBER 4 OCTOBER 21 OCTOBER 28 YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD NEWSPAPER �������� ����������������������������� ����������������������������� ��������������������� ���������������������� ������������������������������������ ����������������������� ����������������������������������� ������� ����������������������� ������������������������� �������������������� ZONE 1 - Wyckoff, Midland Park, Franklin Lakes • ZONE 2 - Ridgewood, Glen Rock ZONE 3 - Ho-Ho-Kus, Allendale, Waldwick, Saddle River, Upper Saddle River • ZONE 4 - Ramsey, Mahwah ������������