Page 16 THE VILLADOM TIMES III • October 14, 2009 ����� in business Let Kristin Dahl streamline your wardrobe ouldn’t it great to Wyour aclosetbeand show have fashionista look through you how to make the most of your storage space and your wardrobe? Kristin Dahl of Midland Park has made a name for herself doing just that. Kristin’s runs a successful home-based business ( organizing clients’ closets and providing personal shopping services. Formerly a fashion merchandiser and industry representative for designers like Laundry by Shelli Segal, Jenne Maag and Magaschoni, Kristin is now using her experiKristin Dahl ence and fashion savvy to aid individual, local clients. Kristin finds that many women need to build a core wardrobe and build from there. She believes every woman needs a great pair of jeans, a blazer, khakis, great T-shirts, shoes, and handbags – all of which she considers building blocks. Kristin cautions against over-buying or simply purchasing an outfit that is displayed on a mannequin but cannot be used with any other pieces of clothing to create new looks. Cleaning closets may seem like a chore for some, but Kristin enjoys this aspect of her business. Once the best items have been identified, Kristin organizes the pieces that are staying by color and season and gives away the rest. She finds that her ability to identify with the lifestyles and needs of her clients makes it easy for clients to open up their minds -- and their closets -- to her. Trunk shows are another exciting aspect of Kristin’s fledgling business. Women who host her travelling collection in their homes receive free clothing, and their friends get to preview the latest fashions at great prices. Contact Kristin today at 201-444-6244 or visit Be sure to ask about her gift certificates, which are a subtle way to get someone you love organized or dressed to perfection or to take the burden off someone too busy to shop. Keane Fit & Wellness is waiting to serve you! health and fitness industry and her extensive educational background, including a master’s degree in exercise science. Services include one-onone personal training in a private studio or in your home. Training is customized to your personality and goals. Whether your goal is weight loss, toning or general fitness and wellness, Sheila’s diverse background makes her the trainer for you. She is also qualified to work with post-rehabilitation, post cardiac, post bariatric, osteoporotic and arthritic and geriatric clients. Keane Fit & Wellness also offers Muscle Activation TechSheila Keane niques. MAT speeds muscle recovery, increases the joints’ range of motion, eliminates compensatory patterns, reduces risk of injury by insuring muscles function optimally, and improves athletic performance and execution of everyday activities. Sheila recommends a MAT session prior to beginning any training program to ensure that your muscles are all working optimally. She also suggests periodic treatment to keep your body in perfect running order. Keane Fit & Wellness is located in Ridgewood. Call 201-341-0183 or 201488-4314 and get started! Fit & Wellness draws on Sheila Keane experienceKeane’s 15 years of in the r. Mary Ann Fiscella and Dr. Louise DiGia of Family Chiropractors of Ridgewood often hear patients say, “I didn’t know chiropractic could help with that!” “It’s not uncommon for a patient to come in complaining of neck or lower back pain,” the doctors say. “After a month or so of chiropractic adjustments, when their pain is gone, they will mention that their allergies or knee pain seem to be better, and ask if it’s a coincidence. The answer is no! When your spine is in alignment, and your nervous system is working at 100%, your body can heal itself! “Besides allergies or joint pain, patients have told us they: sleep better and have more energy, fewer asthma symptoms, better digestion, fewer ear infections, improved resistance to colds and flu…The list goes on and on. “As chiropractors, we are not surprised by these stories. When we correct a misalignment (subluxation) of the spine, the nervous system works better and our bodies Dr. Mary Ann Fiscella and Dr. Louise DiGia can work the way they were designed to. During a chiropractic exam, we check the spine for subluxations, which interrupt the flow of nerve impulses throughout the body, and can interfere with your body’s normal functions. “As experienced mothers, we understand firsthand the important role that chiropractic has played in the lives of our children. They have received regular chiropractic adjustments since birth from us, or their dads (who are also chiropractors). All five children remain healthy and drug-free. “In our 20 years of practice we have seen patients in all stages of life: pregnant moms, newborns, teens, adults, and seniors. Often we care for two or three generations within the same family.” The doctors welcome area residents to schedule a no-obligation visit that includes a complete history, chiropractic exam, and X-rays (if necessary). The value of these services is $220. Call (201) 444-6656 to schedule a complimentary visit. FCR is at 89 North Maple Avenue, across from Kings, and is open Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Family Chiropractors of Ridgewood D he women that make up The Villadom TIMES sales force - Ester Vierheilig, Pat Mazzacano, Karen Rau, Kathy Scarpelli and Joan Wilkinson - have one thing in common: a community spirit. They not only help area businesses put their best foot forward through advertising but also volunteer their time to the community at large. Ester, the newspaper’s publisher, was the mayor of Midland Park for 12 years and served 23 years on the school board. She is on the board of directors of West Bergen Mentalhealth and the Midland Park and Waldwick chambers of commerce. Pat, whose territory is Franklin Villadom Times sales staff Lakes and Wyckoff, came to The Villadom TIMES after years of sales experience. She is an active member of the executive committees of the Wyckoff and Franklin Lakes chambers of commerce and belongs to the Joan Wulff Fly Fishers. Karen, who heads the classified department, is a member of the Sandy Feet Book Club and the OG Tapping Society. Kathy sits on the Wyckoff Planning Board and serves as chairman of the Wyckoff Municipal Alliance. She is a volunteer with Meals on Wheels. She handles Ridgewood and Glen Rock for The Villadom TIMES. Joan, who handles Zone IV Mahwah and Ramsey, is a Wyckoff resident recognized for her tireless efforts with the Order of the Lagonmorpha. She is a bloodborne pathogen consultant to the Bergen County Department of Health Services and serves as president of the Mug-Wump Motor Scooter Club. Their regular interaction with both businesses and residents gives them a better understanding of the needs of each group and equips them to better serve both. The Villadom TIMES has been the voice of the Northwest Bergen community for 22 years. Call 201-652-0744 or email and ask to meet with any one of these dedicated professionals to see how they can help your business grow. Villadom TIMES sales force is service oriented T