Waldwick March 18, 2009 THE VILLADOM TIMES III • Page 3 The Borough of Waldwick’s state aid is being reduced by $74,843 this budget year, the result of a formula based on the residents’ income level and the borough’s tax rate. The borough falls in the medium category in both tax rate and income, with a resultant 2.5 percent decrease in state funding. Borough’s to lose nearly $75,000 in state aid “It’s incredible that in the same vein that the state is cutting our rebate programs and cutting back on the ability of people to deduct from their property taxes, at the same time they are cutting state aid that is going to result in higher property taxes. They are going after every one but themselves,” commented Waldwick’s Borough Administrator Ray’s Food Service of Clifton will again be running the food concession stand at the Waldwick Municipal Pool this summer. The company was the highest of xx bidders for the contract, bidding $300 for 2009 and $350 for 2010. Ray’s was the successful bidder on the two-year contract last year, putting in a price of $3,100 for 2008 and $3,200 for 2009. After the season, however, he determined that his bid had been too high given the actual volume of business at the pool. He asked to be let out of the contract for the second year, and the borough council agreed. Officials said that the concessioner liked working at the Pool’s food concessioner to return pool but that financially, it had not worked out for him. In addition to paying the lease, the vendor is also responsible for utilities and health department approvals. The concession is open while the pool is in operation from Memorial Day to Labor Day. The pool is getting new filter pods and pumps this year. Engineer Michael DeSena said that the pump system is being redesigned to include two pumps so as to cut down on down time if there is a problem. He said that bids for the project are due later this month, and he is optimistic the borough will get a good price for the work due to the present economic conditions. Gary Kratz. Kratz said that the reduction would amount to one half of a tax point or about $20 per taxpayer. “They are throwing reductions in all areas at us, but they constantly have bigger hurdles for us to climb,” Kratz added. He said that the mayor and council have been meeting on the budget to decide where to make adjustments. The budget must be introduced by March 31. “We have been sliding and dicing all along. This is just more that we have to deal with,” Kratz said resignedly. The administrator pointed out that the borough’s actual loss is much more that the 2.5 percent. He said according to law the energy receipts are to be adjusted for inflation by 6 ½ percent. Last year, however, that money never arrived, making the actual loss, he said, 9 ½ percent. Non-Medical Home Care Services ������������������ ��������������������� ������������������� ��������� �������������� �������������� ��������������� �������� �������� ���������� �������� ��������������� ���������������������� � ����������� �������� � ���������� But STILL can’t lose that Tummy or Cellulite? Call me about VelaShapeTM A NEW Nonsurgical method of Fat reduction and body contouring • Non-invasive • No Anesthesia • No Downtime Beverly Dunn, MD Waldwick, NJ • 201-445-0032 Dieting? Working Out? 345 Route 17 South • Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458 • 1-201-962-3222 ComForcare Services www.ComForcare.com For Peace of Mind Call Today ee fr 3-18-09 Janine AtlanticSteward6x6(2-25-09)