March 4, 2009 THE VILLADOM TIMES III • Page 13 A special supplement to the March 4, 2009 edition of The Villadom TIMES F O CUS on Tom Murphy puts the Internet to work for you I Businesses nternet Consultant Tom Murphy knows that a website’s visibility on the Internet can make the difference between a successful and targeted Web presence and being overlooked by search engines. Using his 10-plus years of Internet marketing experience, Tom works with small and mediumsized businesses to produce sought-after results, including improved sales and reduced costs. “Everything I do is about improving business results,” Tom says. “A website must achieve the goals defined by the business and deliver a measurable return on investment.” He explained that Internet users might visit a website, but not take the desired action, such as purchasing, registering, or entering contact information. Tom designs websites and improves existing sites. “I can perform a complimentary analysis that will tell me about the health of a site and how it looks in terms of the search engines. Then I build a strategy to allow that site to work for the client. I can make just about anything work for any budget.” Tom Murphy Tom has been an information systems professional for 11 years. During that time, he has worked in the banking, insurance, equine, and biotechnology industries. He holds a BS in finance from The Ohio State University and earned his MBA in e-Commerce and finance from Rutgers University. Tom currently owns the local WSI (We Simplify the Internet) office – a top Internet-based firm. WSI emphasizes the importance of search engine optimization, targeted traffic generation, and conversion architecture. All are critical elements of a successful Internet business solution. Through its network of over 1,500 offices in 87 countries, WSI delivers thousands of e-Business solutions to small and medium sized businesses annually. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, WSI provides affordable Internet related services and technologies that deliver maximum return on investment for businesses. For more information, contact Tom Murphy at, by phone at (201) 891-0700 or visit our website at Franklin Lakes Stage Left Fashions succeeding: Cites quality, service & experience hen was the last time that you heard someone say he or she enjoyed a terrific experience with their child while they shopped for clothes at one of the “big-box” retailers? It’s something Rosana Harms often hears about her new Franklin Lakes children’s clothing store, Stage Left Fashions. The entrepreneur and mom launched Stage Left in August of last year. “Having my own kids, I was always frustrated with the negative experience associated with purchasing children’s clothing,” said Harms. “The combination of low quality clothing from larger retailers combined with poor service drove Rosana Harms me crazy.” Harms recognized a terrific opportunity for launching a unique retail clothing store that featured critical elements the larger retailers ignored: quality, service, and experience. On the surface, the timing for opening a children’s clothing store last August was not great given the economic downturn. But Harms thinks the timing was actually beneficial. “While consumers have obviously cut back on overall spending over the last six months, what we have attracted are customers looking at return on investment much more closely,” commented Harms. “And given our focus on quality clothing combined with terrific client service and experience, we have had early success that will hopefully act as a springboard when the economy does turn around.” “The Stage Left Fashions experience goes way beyond the fabulous clothes,” said customer Mary Torres. “I can honestly say that it represents a bonding experience for my daughter and me, which is very unusual for a clothing retailer. We are planning her birthday party there next month!” Stage Left Fashions is located in the Franklin Crossing Shopping Center at 828 Franklin Avenue, Franklin Lakes. Store hours are 10-6 Monday through Saturday. Sundays and evening hours are reserved for birthday parties and other special events. Call (201) 847-8243 for additional information or visit W