June 17, 2009 THE VILLADOM TIMES I & III • Page 15 ts Ha to Off DADS & GRADS Take care of Dad: Once the warmer weather arrives, most men love spending time outdoors, whether they are doing yard work, working on the car in the driveway, or sailing the nearby seas in their beloved boat. Oftentimes, such days spent outdoors in the sun can take their toll on a guy’s skin. A gift such as Energy Face Lotion from Yves Rocher can provide instant hydration, fight signs of fatigue and leave skin feeling stronger and smoother, perfect for combating those summer afternoons spent soaking up the sun. Cars, cars, cars! Lots of men treat their cars as their pride and joy. Fortunately for women, a host of gift ideas aimed at pampering your man’s car can be the perfect Father’s Day, birthdays, and more. Take his car for a wash and detailing job, get his windows tinted or simply give him a gift certificate to the nearby auto parts store. Whichever road you choose, if it’s one that leads to your guy spending more time with his wheels, it’s sure to be the right one. (MS) So many fathers take on responsibility after responsibility, without asking for much in return. This Father’s Day, take the opportunity to show the men you care for just how much they are appreciated. Just like women, men deserve their chances to kick back, relax and be pampered. But many men won’t admit to needing some special attention. Take it upon yourself to show the plus side to devoting attention to grooming, body care and more so that your guys can look and feel their best. Sports tickets: Pampering a sports fan is simple. Tickets to see his favorite team in action could be the ideal gift. Thanks to ticket prices inching closer to the average mortgage payment, most men don’t get the chance to see their team in person as often as they would like. An afternoon at the ballpark with the kids or an old friend can be just the surprise a guy is hoping for. The gifts that makes scents: Men often overlook the little things like cologne and body soaps that can be a decadent indulgence, which women are more apt to buy. Every man needs a little quality pampering from time to time, and there are plenty of grooming products that are catered especially to the male consumer. Massages: Open up your guy’s eyes to relaxing and therapeutic massages. Many towns now boast salons and spas that offer a variety of massage packages. An experienced massage therapist can work out muscle kinks and address any physical complaints he might have. If your man is shy about venturing out for a massage, there are plenty of therapists who will bring their equipment right to the house. Go for gadgets: Nary a man walking the earth doesn’t seem to love his gadgets. They can provide the ideal distraction to help him unwind. For the always-on-the-go businessman, give a gift that can help make all that time spent traveling a little less stressful. For the dad or husband who spends his time toiling away on his computer, consider upgrading his computer’s entertainment capabilities to make the day go a little more smoothly. Whatever his hobby or passion, chances are there’s a gadget out there for him that’s the perfect match. Be sure to show Dad how much he is appreciated