Page 8 THE VILLADOM TIMES III • July 15, 2009 Junior Police Academy (continued from page 5) he took to allow him to use the motorcycle for police purposes, pointing out that the course demanded that he pick up the 900 pound vehicle multiple times, ride over sticks and rocks that had purposely been thrown in his direction, and use the bike as a shield to avoid fire from a paintball gun. Tiernan also discussed the importance of his safety equipment, including the helmet, gloves, and the tall boots that protect his legs from the heat generated by the motorcycle. He fielded several questions from the cadets before providing an outdoor demonstration of his vehicle. He revealed that before becoming a police officer, he was an auto mechanic. Following Tiernan’s talk, the 50 cadets rose from their seats in unison, and filed outside in an orderly line. The officer then provided a handling demonstration of the department’s 2005 Harley Davidson Road King, fielded additional questions, and allowed the cadets to have their pictures taken on the vehicle. Cadet Chase Donadio, one of this year’s program participants, said he became interested in the Junior Police Academy program after seeing a video of last year’s class. He said he was interested in participating in the special activities and the afternoon games, which have been a highlight. Donadio said he had particularly enjoyed a unique race. “You un-handcuff your partner and then he handcuffs you,” he explained, adding that he and his partner had won the event. Asked what advice he could offer to next year’s cadets, Donadio said, “It’s much easier if you’re in shape.” Donadio said he keeps in good form by playing football, basketball, baseball, lacrosse, and tennis. Break the Highway Trend! ...not your community’s back. Local businesses are the backbone of your community and the trend to shop the big guys on the highway hurts us all.Your local businesses have what you want... at the right price... and close to home. So, why hassle with the highways? Save Time! Save Gas! Save Money! SAVE YOUR COMMUNITY! We Need You SHOP LOCALLY. IT’S SMART. ...and besides, it’s so convenient! Pictured: A handcuffed cadet waits for his partner to release him; the K-9’s visit; a cadet during morning calisthenics; Officer Pete Tiernan discusses the department’s use of the motorcycle unit; cadets performing pushups.