Page 8 THE VILLADOM TIMES III • February 25, 2009 Waldwick Tiddes receives state’s highest military award John Tiddes of Waldwick recently received the New Jersey Distinguished Service Medal at a ceremony held in Paramus. The award was presented by Brig. Gen. Stephen J. Himes Deputy Commanding General, 42nd Infantry Division, New Jersey Army National Guard. Tiddes, a fireman first class, served in World War II. The New Jersey Distinguished Service Medal was originally issued in 1858 for those who distinguished themselves in the New Jersey Militia. In 1988, the State of New Jersey was looking for an appropriate way to honor all of these returning combat veterans and acknowledge the debt the state owed them for their service. The N.J. DSM was then authorized for that purpose. It is New Jersey’s highest military award. To be eligible for the Distinguished Service Medal, the following criteria must be met: a recipient must be a current resident of New Jersey, must have been a resident of New Jersey at the time of entry into military service, must have been honorably discharged, and have proof of having served in combat while on active duty during wartime. New wheels Ryan and Amanda students at Crescent School in Waldwick, won new bicycles in a recent contest. Out of the way, but worth it. Major Credit Cards Accepted Dueling Tutors My SAT Verbal and Writing students often go up 100-plus points. Both of the SAT Math tutors I work with claim they can best me – and one another – and sometimes prove it! Your SAT students win either way. 85 Hillside Ave, Midland Park • 201-444-4760 • 201-445-1164 Open Mon-Fri 9-6, Sat 9-5, Closed Sunday Schweinfurth Florist $60 per hour • 201-394-3156 Break the Highway Trend! ...not your community’s back. Local businesses are the backbone of your community and the trend to shop the big guys on the highway hurts us all.Your local businesses have what you want... at the right price... and close to home. So, why hassle with the highways? Save Time! Save Gas! Save Money! SAVE YOUR COMMUNITY! We Need You SHOP LOCALLY. IT’S SMART. ...and besides, it’s so convenient!