Page 22 THE VILLADOM TIMES III • February 18, 2009 CLASSIFIED cont. from preceding page RR E L I G I O U S ELIGIOUS and martyr. to fail) Oh, (Never knownGreat in virtue and rich in flower of near most beautiful miracles; Mt. kinsman of vine, Christ; Carmel, fruitfulJesus splenfaithful intercessor of all dor of heaven, Mother of who invoke your special the Son of God. Immacupatronage in time of my late Virgin, assist me inneed. To you I Oh, Star of from necessity.have recourse the the depth of my heart and Sea, help me and show me, humbly beg my mother. herein you areto whom God has given such Mother of Oh, Holy Mary, great power to come to my assistance. God, Queen of Heaven and Help Earth! Ime in my present humbly beseech urgent the bottom of my you from petition. In return I promise to make your this heart to succor me in name known There are none necessityand cause you to be can withstand Our that invoked. Say threeyou Fathers, show Hail Marys power. Oh, three me herein, and Glorias. Publication you are my mother. Oh, must be promised. May Mary, conceived without the sacred us who Jesus sin, pray for heart of have be adored, glorified, loved recourse to thee (3x). Holy and preserved cause in Mother, I place thisthroughout the world now and Spirit, your hands (3x). Holy forever. Sacred heart of problems, you who solve all Jesus, pray for us. St. Jude, worker light all roads so that I canof miracles, pray You who attain my goals. for us. St. Jude, helper of the hopegave me the divine gift to less, and forget all Jude forgive pray for us. St. evil pray me all that invoke againstfor usand who in all your aid. Thank you St. instances in my life you are Jude. I want This short with me,Amen. in thisnovena has to thank you for all prayer never been known to fail. as you confirm once things This novena must be aid that never want days. againfor 9 I consecutiveto be EPL separated from you in eternal glory. Thank you for your mercy toward me and mine. The person must to this Prayer say prayer 3 consecutive days. St. Jude After Holy St. Jude, apostle Oh, 3 days, the request will bemartyr. Great in virtue and granted. This prayer must be published after the and rich in miracles; near favor is granted. Immaculate kinsman of Jesus Christ; Heart of Mary, Thank you for faithful intercessor of all answering my your special who invoke prayers. jw patronage in time of need. To youPrayer to I have recourse from the depth of my heart and St. Clare humbly beg for 3 favors, Ask St. Clare to whom God 1 has given suchimpossible. business, 2 great power to 9 Hail to my assistance. Say come Marys for 9 days Help me candles. Pray with lighted in my present urgent petition. In return whether you believe or not. I promise to 9th day. name Publish the make your“May known and cause you the Sacred Heart of Jesusto be invoked. St. Jude, pray be praised, adored & glorifor today & every day.” fied us all who invoke your aid. Amen. Say three Our Request will be granted no Fathers, Hail Marys it matter how impossible and Glorias. Publication must seems. Publication must be promised. This novena be promised. Thank you for has never been known answering my prayers. jr to fail. This novena must be said for 9 consecutive days. My prayers were answered. Thank you, St. Jude. kr PLANNING ON BUILDINGMATERIALS HAS YOUR BUILDING SHIFTED? Prayer WoodContact ford Bros., Inc. for straightto the ening, leveling, foundtion Blessed Virgin and wood frame repairs (Never1-800-OLD-BARN. known to fail) Oh, at most beautiful flower of Mt. www.1-800-OLD-BARN.COM Carmel, fruitful vine, splenMDHIC#05-121-861 dor of heaven, Mother of the Son of BUSINESSGod. Immaculate Virgin, assist me in my OPPORTUNITY of the necessity. Oh, Star Sea, help me BUSINESS! ALL CASH and show me, herein you are gourmet Explosive, new my mother. Oh, Holy Mary, energy product! Mother of Super God, Queen of Taste! and Energy! Great Heaven 15 Earth! I humbly beseech machines. Only $4995. 1you from the bottom of 800-536-4514 ext. 1003 my heart to succor me in this necessity There are none 100% can withstand you RECESSION that PROOF!Oh, show me herein, power. Do you earn $800 inyou areIncludes 25 Local a day? my mother. Oh, Machinesconceived without and Candy for Mary, $9.995. Multi Vend, Inc.have sin, pray for us who 1800-807-6486 recourse to thee (3x). Holy Mother, I place this cause in your hands (3x). Holy CARS FOR SALE Spirit, you who solve all problems, $500! POLICE IMPOUNDS! light all roads so that I can Hondas/Chevys/Jeeps who attain my goals. You & More! Cars the divine gift to gave me from $500! For Listings 800-719-5578 ext. forgive and forget all evil A499 against me and that in all instances in my life you are with me, I want FINANCIAL in this short prayer to thank you for all NEED Aas you confirm once things LOAN? No Credit? Bad Credit?never want to be again that I Bankruptcy? Repo? Foreclosure? inPerseparated from you eters o n a l - A u Thank youofor your nal glory. t o - C o n s l i d a t imercy toward me-and a n s o n - B u s i n e s s L o mine. Available “Helping people The person must say this with Creditconsecutive days. prayer 3 problems since 1991” Financial the request After 3 days, Specialty Services. 800-654-1816 will be granted. This prayer must be published after the favor is granted. Immaculate $$$ACCESS LAWSUIT Heart of Mary, Thank you for CASH NOW!! As seen on answering my prayers. DoTo TV, Injury Lawsuit Dragging? Need $500-$500,000 ++ within 24/hrs after Prayer approval? Compare our low to the rates, APPLY NOW 1-888Blessed Virgin 888-5152 (Never known to fail) Oh, most beautiful FURNITURE flower of Mt. Carmel, fruitful vine, splenBEDROOM 8-PIECE $975of dor of heaven, Mother NEW Son of God. WOOD the BOXED, ALL ImmacuSLEIGH/MISSION me in my late Virgin, assist WITH 10-YEAR Oh, Star of the necessity. WARRANTY. MATTRESS SET. show me, Sea, help me and HANDCRAFTED, are my mother. herein you DOVETAILED FURNITURE Oh, Holy Mary, 412-494-of Mother 7351. Will Deliver. God, Queen of Heaven and Earth! I humbly beseech Byou from P L U S H / PofLmy E D S - ” the bottom I heart to succor me in this LOWTOPS, ORTHOnecessity There are none PEDIC AND MEMORY that FOAM” can withstand you FULL...$169. power. Oh, show me SIZE QUEEN...$189. KING herein, you are my mother. Oh, MATTRESS, ALL NEW. Mary, SEALED conceived without IN PLASTIC sin, YR. us who have W/10 pray for WARRANTY recourse DELIVERY to thee (3x). Holy AVAILABLE Mother, I place PLEASE IMMEDIATELY. this cause in your hands (3x). Holy Spirit, CALL 412-787-9128 you who solve all problems, light all roads so that I can HOMES FOR SALEwho attain my goals. You gave me the divine gift to FORECLOSED forgive and forget HOME all evil AUCTIONme and that Haragainst Pittsburgh, in all risbury & Moremy lifeHomes instances in 500+ you are Must Be Sold! REDC 1 Free with me, I want in this short Brochureto thank you for all 800-756-2144 prayer once things as you confirm again that I never want to be separated from INSURANCE you in eternal glory. Thank you for your mercy toward and mine. AFFORDABLE me HEALTH The person must HosCoverage Doctors say this prayer 3 pitalization,consecutive days. $10 generic, After 3 days, the request $20 vision, Critical Illness, will be Accidental prayer Surgical granted. ThisMedimust be published Issue, cal, Guaranteed after the favor is granted. Immaculate Individuals & Businesses 1Heart of Mary, Affordable (800)971-7075 Thank you for answering my Health Benefits. prayers. JPD RELIGIOUS LOTS & ACREAGE UPSTATE NY ABANDONED FARM - ABSOLUTE SALE! 2/21 & 2/22 7 acres - $24,900Stream, field, woods! Cooperstown area, under 1 hr Albany! $1,000’s under prices! Terms avail! No closing costs! Must have oriority appointment to see! 866-767-7695 COOPERSTOWN / CHERRY VALLEY LAND SALE! 15 acres-$44,900! Former x-mas tree farm, views, hidden field! Just off Thruway, under 1 hr Albany! Will sell absolute 2/21! No closing costs! EZ owner terms! For priority appointment call 866-705-0827 WANTED I buy old wooded furniture Don’t drag it to the curg I’ll pay you for it Nancy 201-739-7478 Top Cash Paid for cars. Rust & dent repairs. Mobile Service. Up to 50% savings. Call Art 201-951-1810 A FREE VACATION! And An IRS Write Off When You DONATE Your Vehicle, Boat, Real Estate, Good Furniture Or Collectibles. Help Teens In Crisis! Call 1-800-338-6724 Prayer to Prayer St.the to Jude Oh, Holy St. Jude, apostle Blessed Virgin Energy audit (continued from page 7) measures and building upgrades that are intended to reduce operating expenses. In many cases, the website states, the changes improve the health and productivity of the occupant of the buildings. If the net cost of the installed measures recommended by the audit, after applying eligible New Jersey SmartStart Buildings incentives, exceeds the remaining coast of the audit, the additional 25 percent will also be paid by the program, the website states. A $100,000 annual incentive cap applies. Late last year, Kratz said he anticipated the borough’s cost would be in the neighborhood of $5,000 to $7,000. He recommended the audit for the DPW and safety buildings, noting that the DPW garage is in need of a new heating system. Although the public safety building is only a few years old, the council has been considering energy-savings initiatives for it concurrent with the energy improvements at the municipal building. The public safety building was found unsuitable for the solar panels slated to be installed at the town hall. MISCELLANEOUS GET THE BEST TV entertainment with DIRECTV. No equipment to buy. No startup costs. Call 1-800-4068162 today! **OLD GUITARS WANTED!** Fender, Gibson, Gretsch, Martin. D’Angelico, Stromberg, Rickenbacker, & Mosrite. 1930’s-1960’s. TOP CASH PAID! These brands only please. The Guitar Colllector 1-800-401-0440 ACR METAL ROOFING AND SIDING. Low Cost, Fast Delivery, Agricultural, Commerical, Residential, Pole Barn Packages, Trims, Fasteners, Reflective Insulation, Door Track. Free Literature 1-800-325-1247 FOUNDATION REPAIR Large local company specializing in bowed walls, sinking foundations, crawl space excavation, and BASEMENT WATERPROOFING. Lifetime, transferrable warranty. 1-800-343-2357. RELIGIOUS Ask St. Clare for 3 favors, 1 business, 2 impossible. Say 9 Hail Marys for 9 days with lighted candles. Pray whether you believe or not. Publish the 9th day. “May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be praised, adored & glorified today & every day.” Request will be granted no matter how impossible it seems. Publication must be promised. Thank you for answering my prayers. CDA Prayer to St. Clare Insurance (continued from page 9) months after the application is received, and that is only if they accept the bid. It is many, many more months from when the grant is awarded until the money is actually received from the county. This process can exceed a year. So, by having a bank float the funds until the grant money is received greatly accelerates the process for us. “It’s very refreshing to know how much this station means to the community and how much support is being thrown our way. I have no doubt at this point that we will succeed in completing this project given the offered support.” Upcoming WCA fundraisers include An Evening of Fun at In the Swing in Waldwick on March 29. This will be followed by a Murder Mystery on May 16, which will be held at the station. A Classic Car Show is planned for June 7 on Hewson Avenue. “These events are a testament to the support that we are receiving from the community,” Cowie said. “In each case, local businesses have approached us to sponsor and make these events a success. Businesses like Maratene’s Fine Wines & Spirits, In the Swing, Take Away Gourmet, Waldwick Auto Service, Olde Towne Deli, and Amster’s Prospect Tavern have all done their part offering their services to make each day special. They have unselfishly given their time and money in an effort to improve the community and restore our beloved train station. The WCA urges everyone to support those businesses who give back to their community.” “Blessed be God in His Angels and in His Saints” O Holy St. Anthony, gentlest of Saints, your love for God and charity for His creatures, made you worthy, when on earth, to possess miraculous powers. Encouraged by this thought, I implore you to obtain for me (request). O gentle and loving St. Anthony, whose heart was ever full of human sympathy, whisper my petition into the ears of the sweet Infant Jesus, who loved to be folded in your arms. The gratitude of my heart will ever be yours. Amen. I thank you for hearing my request. EPL Unfailing Prayer to St. Anthony MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS CLARINET, FLUTE, VIOLIN, Trumpet, Trombone, Amplifier, Fender Guitar $70. ea. Cello, Upright Bass, Saxophone, French Horn, Drums $190. ea. Tuba, Baritone, Others,1516-377-7907 DINING OUT? Check our CLASSIFIED Restaurant Guide for the Finest Dining ARTICLES Up to 3 lines .............................. $12.00 Each additional lineBEDROOM 8-PIECE $975 ................... $2.50 NEW BOXED, ALL WOOD REAL ESTATE NORTH CAROLINA MOUNTAINS, INVEST IN REAL ESTATE! NEW! E-Z to Finish Log Cabin Shell 1344 sq. foot/1.7 acres $89,900. E-Z Financing!! Call 828-247-9966 code 02 AAAH! AFFORDABLE HOMES, CABINS, LAND FREE BROCHURE 877837-2288. EXIT REALTY MVP MURPHY, NC. Pool fees (continued from page 8) “People who call say ‘It’s so cheap,’” said Borough Clerk Paula Jaegge. “Where else can you go?” Councilman Frank Palladino asked whether Waldwick needed to invite non-residents. “We do need the non-residents. There has been a steady decline on the residential badge sales. We need to make that up with the non-residential sales,” Kratz said. Bozzo agreed. “We want the extra revenue,” she noted. Limiting the number of guests was discussed, but no decision was made on that matter. The council also discussed the dates of the pool season this year. Councilman Chuck Farricker, who handles recreation, pointed out that the public schools are considering opening before Labor Day for the 2009-10 school year, while the pool has traditionally stayed open until Labor Day. Kratz said that the pool season would adjust to the school calendar. According to Kratz, 1,600-1,700 season passes were sold last year, with about 400 sold to non-residents. Name _______________________________________ SLEIGH/MISSION WITH 10-YEAR WARRANTY. Address _____________________________________ MATTRESS SET. HANDCity/State/Zip _________________________________ CRAFTED, DOVETAILED Phone _______________________________________ FURNITURE 412-4947351. Will Deliver. (25 Characters per line including spaces and punctuation) Carefully check your advertisiment the day it appears since we can not be responsible for errors of any kind in subsequent editions of the same ad. B be S - ” made. Corrections and changes, however, willE Dgladly P L U S H / P I L - LOWTOPS, ORTHOMAIL TO: CLASSIFIEDS-VILLADOM TIMES PEDIC AND MEMORY P Box 96, Midland Park, NJ 07432 .O. FOAM” FULL...$169. Be sure to enclose yourQUEEN...$189. KING SIZE check or money order. MATTRESS, ALL NEW. SEALED IN PLASTIC ORDER FORM AND PAYMENT MUST W/10 YR. 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