February 4, 2009 THE VILLADOM TIMES III • Page 7 Ho-Ho-Kus Landlord wants tenants to remedy alleged violations by Jennifer Crusco The Washington Elm Post 192 of the Veterans of Foreign Wars recently contacted its tenant, the Ramapo Valley Railroad Club, urging that a series of alleged violations be remedied. However, the club’s attorney, David M. Watkins, has responded, saying the issues being raised are not germane to the lease. The club holds a lease that allows its members to use the VFW-owned building at 620 Cliff Street in Ho-HoKus. The terms of the lease, which was renewed in 2002, allow limited access to the VFW members, which has become an issue since the veterans’ organization reorganized in 2005. VFW Commander Stanley Kober addressed a Jan. 15 letter to the club’s president, Dennis Alderman, citing the VFW’s concerns. In his letter, Kober noted that the club, as tenant, is entitled to quiet enjoyment of the building as long as the club pays the rent and otherwise adheres to the terms of the lease. He also wrote, “At the present time, while we have continued to act in good faith and fair dealing, there are numerous outstanding violations of the lease from you as tenant all of which must be fully corrected within 30 days of receipt of this letter or the lease will be terminated in accordance with paragraph 21 of the current lease.” In his letter, Kober asserts that the outside area, including the driveway and sidewalks, have not been properly cleared of snow and debris. He also said that sections of the siding on the former garage, which is now being used for storage, must be repaired according to professional construction standards at the tenant’s expense. In addition, Kober said cracked windows, ceiling fans, and air conditioners that are apparently non-operational must also be replaced at the tenant’s expense. The VFW asserts that the lease provides for the veterans’ group to have suitable space to seat 20 persons with two tables. The letter states that such a space has not been provided. “The area is not suitable as required because post meetings have a difficult time seating 10-14 persons in the current space (one meeting of 21 people required chairs in the hall and still people needed to stand),” Kober wrote. He added that the current meeting room does not allow ritual seating placements, or proper conduct of other ceremonies. According to the letter, the attic area is unsafe for people, and the garage and inside doorway from the joint meeting room to the garage are unsafe and must be cleaned up. The letter further states that the floor area in the joint meeting room and hall, the large table in the meeting room and the bar area “continue to be dirty from outside foliage, dirt and other materials, food stuffs, etc.” The club is being asked to provide a current, written IRS approval statement that the club is a non-profit organization, and for $5,741 which the VFW has spend on insurance policies for the premises. Regarding the insurance issue, the landlord claims the lease states the insurance is the tenant’s responsibility. The club’s attorney responded, “Quite frankly, I consider your letter nothing but harassment of my client and same will not be tolerated.” Watkins said the claim that the club is obligated to pay for the insurance policies is “blatantly false. My client has no obligation to pay for your insurance coverage.” The attorney also states that, since the inception of the lease, nothing has changed at the building that would lead to unsafe conditions in the attic that would have been caused by the club. He stated that the club would be willing to comply with the request for information regarding the club’s non-taxable status with the stipulation that the appropriate documentation be submitted to his office for review. Watkins added, “In the future, you are no longer authorized to send any communication to my client. Any further communication should be sent directly to this office.” He urged the VFW to “cease and desist from harassing” his client and said suit would be filed if the alleged harassment did not stop. “Treasures from Ho-Ho-Kus,” a revised version of the “Ho-Ho-Kus Hostesses” (1975) is now available from the Contemporary Club for $20. This cookbook contains favorite recipes from residents, U.S. presidents, the Ho-Ho-Kus Inn, and the Hermitage. Proceeds from this year will go to The Community Church of Ho-HoKus. To obtain a copy contact Sandra Alworth at (201) 447-1438. Cookbooks are also available at Ho-Ho-Kus Borough Hall. Clarification The Jan. 28 Villadom TIMES article regarding the meter system at the Ho-Ho-Kus train station should have specified that the two machines only accept coins and dollar bills, and do not make change for patrons. 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