February 4, 2009 THE VILLADOM TIMES III • Page 3 Ho-Ho-Kus Council updates personnel code, vacation regulations by Jennifer Crusco The Ho-Ho-Kus Council last week introduced two “housekeeping” ordinances to update the borough’s code. One measure would change the term of appointment for the borough’s chief financial officer from one year to four years. The ordinance states, “The mayor shall appoint, with the advice and consent of the council, the chief financial officer, who shall be a person holding a certificate issued by the Division of Local Government Services as a municipal finance officer, for a term of four years, which shall run from Jan. 1 in the year in which the chief financial officer is appointed.” Borough Attorney David Bole told Villadom TIMES the ordinance is required to bring the borough code in line with the State of New Jersey’s requirements. The state, he explained, requires that the CFO be appointed for a four-year term. Ho-Ho-Kus has been making oneyear appointments. Last year, the borough employed Michael Mariniello as CFO. This year, Joseph Citro was named to that post. Citro, who has held the position of treasurer in Paramus, is also a qualified purchasing agent. The ordinance also creates the office of borough treasurer, a post to which Citro is expected to be appointed. The ordinance states that the mayor shall appoint the treasurer, with the council’s advice and consent, for a term of one year commencing Jan. 1 and ending on Dec. 31 of the same year. “The treasurer shall have, perform and exercise all of the functions, powers and duties provided by general law and borough ordinances. Such person shall keep and maintain books and records of all financial transactions of the borough in accordance with the standards and requirements of the Division of Local Government Services and the Department of Community Affairs in the State of New Jersey. Such person shall have custody of all public monies of the borough and shall make monthly reports to the council and administrator of all receipts, expenditures, commitments, and unexpended appropriations. All monies received from any source by or on behalf of the borough or any department, board, officer or agency thereof, except as otherwise provided by borough ordinance, shall be paid to the treasurer, who shall by the next ensuing bank day after their receipt, deposit them in the authorized public depository of the borough to the credit of the proper account,” the ordinance states. The treasurer’s compensation will be prescribed by the annual salary ordinance. While Catherine Henderson, the former borough administrator, had performed many duties, including those of CFO, tax collector, and responsibilities ascribed to a treasurer, Borough Attorney Bole said there was no office designated as treasurer in the borough code. The other ordinance introduced by the council would amend the code pertaining to employees’ vacation leave. This measure would prohibit borough employees from carrying their vacation time from year to year without formal approval. This proposed ordinance states: “Employees, subject to the approval of the department head may take vacation leave from time to time during the fiscal year, in half days, provided that the department head shall advise the personnel officer by written memorandum of said vacation arrangement prior to the employee taking said vacation. Employees shall be required to take the annual vacation allotted to each employee during the fiscal year. The practice of banking vacation time by using compensation time for vacation time is prohibited unless approval is authorized in advance by resolution of the borough council.” Both ordinances will be considered for final passage following their public hearings at the Feb. 24 council session. 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