December 23, 2009 THE VILLADOM TIMES III • Page 19 Improv pros Seventh and eighth grade students at Allendale’s Brookside School participated in an after school Improvisation Group led by Suzanne Trupia and sponsored by the Brookside-Hillside Music and Arts Association. Over the course of nine weeks, students learned about the art of improvisation, participated in exercises, and worked on their skills, which they used during a recent performance at Brookside School. The Waldwick Board of Education appointed two guidance counselors for Waldwick High School at last week’s public meeting. Kristina Fortini will smooth the transition in the guidance department as Carol Barnes retires. Stacie Millman, who has been working as a school guidance counselor for the past four years, has been hired as a replacement for Penny Gastman, who is on maternity leave. “I am very excited to start this position on Jan. 4, 2010,” Fortini said in a prepared statement. “I assure you that I will work closely with my colleagues to make this transition a smooth and successful one for both you and your child.” Fortini received a bachelor’s degree in human services from the University of Scranton, and has worked in human resources. She recently earned a master’s degree in school counseling from Long Island University and completed her fieldwork in the Nyack School District in New York. “My door is always open. I feel so fortunate to serve the Waldwick community,” Fortini added. Millman is a New York City resident who enjoys reading and playing volleyball. As a girl, she attended a summer sleep-away camp, where she later became a group leader. “Helping children was one of the most rewarding jobs I could have pursued,” Millman said. “I have always enjoyed guiding children and young adults and I look forward to my time at Waldwick High School. Working as a team is essential and I welcome and encourage communication.” sibility. The borough engineer, governing body, or an appointed representative would be charged with reviewing and approving the initial determination. In some instances, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection review would also be necessary. Some disturbances are considered exceptions. Two listed in the ordinance include redevelopment within the limits of an existing impervious surface, and new disturbance necessary to protect public health safety or welfare, provide an environmental benefit, or to prevent extraordinary hardship on the property owner, provided the hardship was not created by the owner. The borough engineer would be permitted to grant an exception in the case of redevelopment within existing impervious surfaces. Appeals of the engineer’s determination would be made to the planning board, with the party contesting the determination having the burden of proof. The zoning board of adjustment would have the authority to grant exceptions where new disturbances are involved. Waldwick names two counselors Ordinance (continued from page 9) Applicants for a construction permit, subdivision, development, or other improvement that requires plan submissions and permits would be responsible to determine the presence of a riparian zone on a property. An applicant’s designated representative could also assume this respon- Stay on top of commercial building maintenance ����������������������� ���������������� ��������������� ������������������ T ����������� Building Exterior Consultants, L.L.C. “Roofing and Waterproofing Solutions”  Roof Surveys  Waterproofing Surveys  Roof Evaluations  Moisture Surveys  Specification Development  Project Management  Construction Management  Due Diligence Jose A. Godoy Senior Consultant Phone: 954-584-3308 Fax: 954-584-3309 Cell: 954-275-3631 E-Mail: YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD NEWSPAPER ������������������� Web Site: