Ho-Ho-Kus December 16, 2009 THE VILLADOM TIMES III • Page 9 Court ordinance updated; funds transferred by Jennifer Crusco A new ordinance that was recently adopted by the HoHo-Kus Council officially updates the borough code as it refers to the municipal court. Ho-Ho-Kus’ Certified Municipal Court Administrator Rosemarie Novelli-Salyer previously told Villadom TIMES that the section of the borough’s code was antiquated and had not been amended for 20 years. The updates provide uniformity between the state and local codes. The ordinance increases the fee for the public defender. In an effort to bring the local code up to the state statute, the public defender’s fee now starts at $50 and increases to a maximum of $200. Novelli-Salyer said it is possible to have the fee waived if the defendant is indigent. The new ordinance also changed the term magistrate to judge, and the term court clerk to administrator. NovelliSalyer noted that non-gender specific language has also been included in the amendments. In other business, the council approved the transfer of $28,800 in funds from some borough accounts where the money is not needed to others where the funds are needed. The council approved the transfer of the fol- lowing operating expenses: $6,000 from purchasing, $5,000 from Shade Tree, $3,000 from borough clerk, and $9,800 from vehicle maintenance. These funds have been deposited into the following accounts: Northwest Bergen County Utilities Authority, $3,000; engineering operating expenses, $1,500; public defender, $300; purchasing, salaries and wages, $10,000; administrative expenses, operating expenses $4,000; and zoning, salaries and wages, $5,000. A sum of $5,000 has been transferred from the group health insurance in the water trust account to water utilities salaries and wages. W/COUPON • Exp 12/31/09 • Not Combinable www.VacationRentalsRetreats.com Come stay in our CATSKILL MOUNTAIN SKI RETREAT. Stay 2 nights, get the 3RD NIGHT FREE! 12-2-09 CirinoLandscpVacaRental2x2.5 2col x 2-1/2” Pat... from Janine JACK VICTOR • BUGATCH I E • T H O M A S D E A N • Z A N E L L A AGAVE • 7 FOR ALL MANKIND • P SYC H O B U N N Y • T RU E R E L I G I O N