Page 6 THE VILLADOM TIMES III • December 16, 2009 Ho-Ho-Kus Council to vote on stream protection ordinance by Jennifer Crusco On Jan. 1, the Ho-Ho-Kus Council will hold a public hearing on Ordinance #958, a stream corridor protection measure designed to protect and maintain waterways. The hearing will be held at the sine die meeting, which will begin at 11:30 a.m. in borough hall. After the public hearing, the council is expected to vote on the matter. The hearing had been scheduled for Dec. 22, but this month’s work session and public session have been combined and will be held Dec. 15. When the ordinance was introduced, Ho-Ho-Kus Borough Attorney David Bole explained that the measure has been recommended by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. Bole also reported that HoHo-Kus Borough Engineer David Hals agreed that the ordinance should be put on the books. According to the ordinance, “It is the intent of this article (66A.2) to provide compliance with NJAC 7:155.25(g)3 which requires municipalities to adopt an ordinance that prevents new disturbance for projects or activities in riparian zones.” The ordinance defines a riparian zone as “land and vegetation within and directly adjacent to all surface water bodies including, but not limited to lakes, ponds, reservoirs, perennial and intermittent streams, up to an including their point of origin, such as seeps and springs, as shown on the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s GIS hydrography coverages or, in the case of a Special Water Resource Protection Area pursuant to the Stormwater Management rules at NJAC 7:8-5.5(h), C1 (Category One) waters as shown on the USGS quadrangle map or in the County Soil Surveys.” A Special Water Resource Protection Area is defined as a 300 foot area on each side of a surface water body designated as a C1 water or tributary to a C1 water that is a perennial or intermittent stream, lake, pond, or reservoir. C1 waters, the ordinance states, are defined by the “Surface Water Quality Standards, NJAC 7:9B, for purposes of implementing the antidegredation policies set forth in those standards, for protection from measurable changes in water quality characteristics because of their clarity, color, scenic setting, and other characteristics of aesthetic value, exceptional ecological significance, exceptional recreational significance, exceptional water supply significance, or exceptional fisheries resources.” The ordinance would protect riparian zones from all avoidable disturbances. “The riparian zone shall be 300 feet wide along both sides of any Category One water (C1 water), and all upstream tributaries.” The riparian zone would be 150 feet wide along both sides of the following waters and their tributaries: trout production and maintenance waters, any portion of water flowing through an area that contains documented habitat for threatened or endangered plants or animals, and any segment of water flowing through an area that contains acid producing (continued on page 22) Borough Police Department Report While on routine patrol on Nov. 28, Patrolman McBain was stopped at a traffic light, and observed the vehicle in front of him hesitate when the light turned green. He ran the registration through his computer. While waiting for the information, he observed the vehicle driving very erratically. He initiated a stop and detected a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from the driver. After failing field sobriety tests, the driver was arrested for driving while intoxicated and brought to headquarters for a breath test. Multiple summonses and a court date were given. On Dec. 1, Patrolman Schultz investigated a two-vehicle accident at East Saddle River Road and Powderhorn Road. No injuries were reported. Patrolman Tuttle investigated a one-vehicle minor accident on First Street on Dec. 2. No injuries were reported. The same day, a borough resident reported that, when she arrived home, there was a piece of luggage by her front door. After calling the airline listed on the tag, it was determined that the luggage had been sent to the wrong house. The piece had been sitting out in the rain. The owner of the luggage is visiting from another state. Also on Dec. 2, Patrolman Balestrieri investigated a hit and run accident on Route 17 North. No injuries were reported. 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