Page 30 THE VILLADOM TIMES III • December 16, 2009 CLASSIFIED cont. from preceding page FOR SALE �������� ��������������� �������������� ��������������������� R E L IIG IIO U S REL G OUS (Never known to fail) Oh, (Never known to fail) Oh, most beautiful flower of Mt. most beautiful flower of Mt. Carmel, fruitful vine, splenCarmel, fruitful vine, splendor of heaven, Mother of dor of heaven, Mother of the Son of God. Immacuthe Son of God. Immaculate Virgin, assist me in my late Virgin, assist me in my necessity. Oh, Star of the necessity. Oh, Star of the Sea, help me and show me, Sea, help me and show me, herein you are my mother. herein you are my mother. Oh, Holy Mary, Mother of Oh, Holy Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and God, Queen of Heaven and Earth! humbly beseech Earth! II humbly beseech you from the bottom of my you from the bottom of my heart to succor me in this heart to succor me in this necessity There are none necessity There are none that can withstand your that can withstand your power. Oh, show me herein, power. Oh, show me herein, you are my mother. Oh, you are my mother. Oh, Mary, conceived without Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee (3x). Holy recourse to thee (3x). Holy Mother, place this cause in Mother, IIplace this cause in your hands (3x). Holy Spirit, your hands (3x). Holy Spirit, you who solve all problems, you who solve all problems, light all roads so that can light all roads so that II can attain my goals. You who attain my goals. You who gave me the divine gift to gave me the divine gift to forgive and forget all evil forgive and forget all evil against me and that in all against me and that in all instances in my life you are instances in my life you are with me, want in this short with me, IIwant in this short prayer to thank you for all prayer to thank you for all things as you confirm once things as you confirm once again that never want to be again that IInever want to be separated from you in eterseparated from you in eternal glory. Thank you for your nal glory. Thank you for your mercy toward me and mine. mercy toward me and mine. The person must say this The person must say this prayer 3 consecutive days. prayer 3 consecutive days. After 3 days, the request After 3 days, the request will be granted. This prayer will be granted. This prayer must be published after the must be published after the favor is granted. Immaculate favor is granted. Immaculate Heart of Mary, Thank you Heart of Mary, Thank you for answering my prayers. RD for answering my prayers. js ARTICLES BEDROOM 8-PIECE $975 NEW BOXED, ALL WOOD SLEIGH/MISSION WITH 10-YEAR WARRANTY. MATTRESS SET. HANDCRAFTED, DOVETAILED FURNITURE 412-4947351. Will Deliver. TUTORING 300+=5+2 An increase of 300 points, 120 in Math, 100 in Writing, 80 in critical reading-got our SAT tutorial student 5 acceptances, 2 wait-lists- $60 an hour. 201-445-1343 Prayer Prayer to the to the Blessed Virgin Blessed Virgin WINDOW CLEANING AFFORDABLE-Insured Est. 40 years 201-385-2271 ����������� ������������������� ������������������ AUTO DONATIONS DONATE YOU CAR, Truck or Boat to HERITAGE FOR THE BLIND. Free 3 Day Vacation. Tax Deductible, Free Towing, All Paperwork Taken Care Of. 1-888-544-9393 �������������� ������������� ������������ ������������ Firewood- Seasoned hardwds $250 full cord, $150 half 201-316-6453 Stack avail. Snowthrower - Toro 3650, single stage. $300. Used one season. 201-444-1744 R E A L E S T AT E APARTMENT FOR RENT Midland Pk-Modern studio apt. No pets. 1 parking space $950./mo 201-914-0334 BUILDINGMATERIALS HAS YOUR BUILDING SHIFTED? Contact Woodford Bros., Inc. for straightening, leveling, foundtion and wood frame repairs at 1-800-OLD-BARN. w w w. w o o d f o r d b r o s . c o m MDHIC#05-121-861 MOVING SALE 130 Madison Ave, Midland Pk Dec. 19th & 20: 10am-3pm Girls: 6 pc bedroom set. Couch & matching rocker, air conditioners, lawn mower, gas grill, wood shelves, file cabinets & much more. OFFICE SPACE FOR RENT Office space for rent Mahwah Loc: 202 & 17 Min.Sq.Ft. 100- Max 400 Reasonable Rent Call 201-529-1773 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY ALL CASH VENDING! Do you earn $800 in a day? Includes 25 Local Machines and Candy for $9,995. 1800-807-6486 STORE FOR RENT Ridgewood - Very busy location. $1900/mo. 201-281-4838 RELIGIOUS Most holy apostle, St. Jude, faithful servant and friend of Jesus, the Church honors and invokes you universally, as the patron of hopeless cases, of things almost despaired of. Pray for me, I am so helpless and alone. Make us I implore you, to bring visible and speedy help where help is almost despaired of. Come to my assistance in this great need that I may receive the consolation and help of heaven in all my necessities, tribulations, and sufferings, particularly-(Here make your request) and that I may praise God with you and all the elect forever. I promise, O blessed St. Jude, to be ever mindful of this great favor to always honor you as my special and powerful patron, and to gratefully encourage devotion to you. Amen. Thank you St. Jude. ts Prayer to St. Jude BUSINESS TO BUSINESS Have a Business? Find new customers by advertising in print & online to over 8 million readers all at one time throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region. Smaller coverage areas available. Call today 1-800-450-7227 or visit VACATION RENTAL Come stay in our Catskill mountain ski retreat. Stay 2 nights, get 3rd night free. 201-819-5050 ����������������������������� ������������������������ ����������� YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD NEWSPAPER ������������ CLASSIFIED Up to 3 lines .............................. $12.00 Each additional line................... $2.50 Name _______________________________________ Address _____________________________________ City/State/Zip _________________________________ Phone _______________________________________ (25 Characters per line including spaces and punctuation) Carefully check your advertisiment the day it appears since we can not be responsible for errors of any kind in subsequent editions of the same ad. Corrections and changes, however, will be gladly made. MAIL TO: CLASSIFIEDS-VILLADOM TIMES P Box 96, Midland Park, NJ 07432 .O. Be sure to enclose your check or money order. ORDER FORM AND PAYMENT MUST BE RECEIVED BY THURSDAY 12 NOON FOR AD HELP, CALL 201-652-0744 1 business, 2 impossible. (Never Hail Marys for 9 days Say 9 known to fail) Oh, most beautifulcandles. Pray with lighted flower of Mt. Carmel, fruitful vine, splenwhether you believe or not. dor of heaven, Mother of Publish the 9th day. “May the Son of Heart Immacuthe Sacred God. of Jesus late praised,assist me in my be Virgin, adored & glorinecessity. Oh, Star of day.” fied today & every the Sea, help will andgranted no Request me be show me, herein you areimpossible it matter how my mother. Oh, Holy Publication must seems. Mary, Mother of God, Queen ofThank you for be promised. Heaven and Earth! I humbly beseech answering my prayers. MK you from the bottom of my & AK heart to succor me in this necessity There are none that can withstand your Prayer to power. Oh, show me herein, you are St. Jude my mother. Oh, Mary,Holy St. Jude, without conceived apostle Oh, sin, pray for Great in virtue and martyr. us who have recourse to thee (3x). Holy and rich in miracles; near Mother, I place this cause in kinsman of Jesus Christ; your hands (3x). Holy Spirit, faithful intercessor of all you who solve all problems, who invoke your special light all roads time of Ineed. patronage in so that can attain my goals. You who To you I have recourse from gavedepththe my heart and the me of divine gift to forgive and forget all God humbly beg to whom evil against me andgreat power has given such that in all instances to my life you are to come in my assistance. with me, I want in this short Help me in my present prayer to thank youreturn I urgent petition. In for all things asto make your name promise you confirm once again that I never want to be known and cause you to separated from you in eterbe invoked. St. Jude, pray nal glory. Thank you for your for us all who invoke your mercy towardSay and mine. aid. Amen. me three Our The person must say this Fathers, Hail Marys and prayer 3 consecutive days. Glorias. Publication must After 3 days, This request be promised. the novena will be granted. This prayer has never been known to must This novena after the fail. be published must be favor is granted. Immaculate said for 9 consecutive days. Heart of Mary, Thank you My prayers were answered. for answering my prayers. kr Thank you, St. Jude. jr Prayer to Prayer St. Clare to the AskBlessed for 3 favors, St. Clare Virgin FURNITURE B E D S - ” P L U S H / P I LLOWTOPS, ORTHOPEDIC AND MEMORY FOAM” FULL...$169. QUEEN...$189. TWIN & KING MATTRESS, ALL NEW. SEALED IN PLASTIC W/10 YR. WARRANTY DELIVERY AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY. PLEASE CALL 412-787-9128 LOTS & ACREAGE ABANDONED UPSTATE NY FARM. 10 acres$26,900 Adjoins State Land, views, mowed fields, woods, apple trees, lots of deer! Terms! Call now! 877257-4425 LIN, Trumpet, Trombone, Amplifier, Fender Guitar On ea. 26, $70. Nov. Cello,Officer Garcia arrested a 24-year-old Upright Ridgewood man for French while intoxicated. The arrest Bass, Saxophone, driving was the result of a motor vehicle accident that occurred on Horn, Drums $190. ea. Tuba, Baritone, Others,1Monroe Street. Following field sobriety tests, the man was 516-377-7907 transported to headquarters for processing. The driver was been experiencing an the past few weeks, and offer several tips to help prevent area residents from falling **ADT, criminals Secuvictim toFREE Homewho use the holidays to target people rity System! ($850 who may beMonitoringValue)the busy season. Auto-burglary distracted Serby Purchase prevention, like all crime prevention, involves limiting the vices & $99 Activation criminal’s ability Remote & That’s it! PLUS and opportunity to commit the crime. It generally takes a few1-866- to secure your valuables, but Panic Alert FREE. seconds 348-1211. it will take only a few seconds more for a thief to break in and steal items left in plain sight. Don’t leave valuables in your car. If you leave valuable FOUNDATION REPAIR items visible in your car, your car is automatically a target. Large local company speIf you in bowed walls, sinkcializingmust leave valuable items in your car, place those ing out of sight. This includes packages, backpacks, gym itemsfoundations, crawl space excavation, and BASEbags, GPS units, and MP3 players. Someone may be watchMENT WATERPROOFing when you put items under a seat or throw something ING. Lifetime, transferrable over them. 1-800-343-2357. warranty. An opportunistic thief is on the lookout for trunk-packing, and can break into your car the minute you are out of sight. If you cannot take them with you, at least lock the NETWORK’S BEST compartment or your trunk, if DISH items in your glove you have one. One reason SUVs and pickups are common OFFER EVER! Free HD/ DVR $19.99/mo. For over auto-burglary targets are because they do not have trunks. 100 not leave any sign that there might be valuables in Do All digital Channels. Call Now And Receive your vehicle, such as docking stations or connector cables. $600 Signup Leave nothingBonus! 1-888- that might make your vehicle in plain sight 282-2892 worth investigating by a thief; not even loose coins or a CD. Just HD/DVR!an empty docking station in plain sight, FREE leaving + $600 even if youBONUS $19.99 A SIGNUP have taken the high dollar component with you, may end up costing you hundreds of dollars to replace a MONTH. Call Dish Network Now window because broken1-888-282-2892 the thief wanted to check the car for valuables. Very few auto break-ins are random. Usually, KITCHEN CABINETS the thief sees something in plain sight that is valuable, or never installed. Absolutely hints of possible hidden valuables. beautiful. Solid wood and doors, even if you plan to be Lock all of the vehicle’s dovetailed. $6,000. gone for onlyCost Call time. It’s not at all uncommon for a brief 412Sacrifice $1,650. thieves to walk down a row of parked vehicles and check 494-3143 vehicle doors to see if they are unlocked. Don’t leave any window open or even cracked open, including vent/wing Tell and sunroofs. windowsour Advertisers thatany alarm or anti-theft device. Many people believe Set you saw their ad in The Villadom that car-alarms no longer make a difference, but they can Times be an effective deterrent to an auto-burglar, who most often your community chooses the easiest target. If they have two cars to choose newspaper from, one with an alarm and one without, they will likely burglarize the one without. MUSICAL For additional information about these security tips, INSTRUMENTS contact the Waldwick Police Department at (201) 652-5700 or CLARINET, FLUTE, VIOe-mail GET DISH with FREE Installation-$19.99/mo HBO & Showtime FREE Over 50 HD Channels FREE Lowest Prices-No Equipment to Buy! Call Now Police have The Waldwick for full Details. 1-877-287-7754 increase in car burglaries during Waldwick Police Department Report MISCELLANEOUS MISCELLANOUS ACR METAL ROOFING AND SIDING. Low Cost, Fast Delivery, Agricultural, Commerical, Residential, Pole Barn Packages, Trims, Fasteners, Reflective Insulation, Door Track. Free Literature 1-800-325-1247 P R O F LO W E R S - C h r i s t mas Decor, Flowers & Gifts Starting At $19.99. Go To To Get EXTRA 15% OFF Or Call 1-866-801-9482 TIMESHARE OWNERS. Ready to sell? Start with a FREE market analysis & price report. Call Toll-Free 1-866-323-5671 or visit www.FreeResortReport. com Vacation Property Resellers. issued summonses for DWI and reckless driving. REAL ESTATE On Dec. 1, Officer Goodell arrested a 24-year-old PaterNORTH CAROLINA son man for DWI. The arrest was a result of a motor vehicle MOUNTAINS Enjoy The stop for speeding on Franklin Turnpike. Following field Outdoors All Year! E-Z finsobriety tests, the man was transported to headquarters for ish Log processing.Cabin driverPre- issued summonses for DWI, The Shell with was Acreage $99,900. reckless driving, and speeding. Approved Bank Financing. On Mountain Waterfront Also Dec. 5, Sergeant Doug Moore arrested a 51-year-old Rockaway Township man for loitering for the purposes Land for sale. 828-247of 9966 ext. 02 prostitution. Sgt. Moore and Detective Serpromoting geant Kevin Smith determined that the man had e-mail SCHOOLS conversations with a Waldwick woman to arrange sex for money. The man was released with a court date to appear HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA in FROM HOME. 6-8Sgt. Moore also arrested an 18-year-old municipal court. weeks. Accredited. Payment Plan. Waldwick woman for engaging in prostitution and possesFREE Brochure. 1-800sion of drug paraphernalia. The woman was released with 264-8330. www.diplomaa court date to appear in municipal court. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOL TIMESHARE SELL/RENT YOUR TIMESHARE NOW!!! Maintenance fees too high? Need Cash? Sell your unused timeshare today. No Commissions or Broker Fees. Free Consultation. www. Call 1877-271-3414 and Good Will to All Men Peace on Earth