Ho-Ho-Kus December 2, 2009 THE VILLADOM TIMES III • Page 13 Council authorizes bid for North Field project by Jennifer Crusco Fredco Landscaping, LLC, of Passaic has received the contract for the North Field improvements. The Ho-HoKus Council approved the $237,863 pact last week. The council has also retained the proposal submitted by D.R. Mullen Construction Co., the next low bidder, pending the execution of the contract with Fredco. Ten bidders responded to the borough’s request for bids. Let It Grow, Inc. was initially determined to be the lowest responsible bidder, but, according to the bid authorization resolution, a representative from that company advised the borough that Let It Grow had “made a unilateral mistake in transferring unit costs related to the excavation line item which would result in a significant difference in the bid and, as a practical matter, would make the project nearly impossible to perform for the stated bid price of $163,680.” The company then requested permission to withdraw its bid. The council permitted that company to withdraw the proposal, since the company provided prompt notice of its mistake, the mistake was substantial enough that to enforce the bid would be “unconscionable,” the mistake “occurred notwithstanding the exercise of reasonable care by the bidder,” and “except for the potential bid price, withdrawal of the bid would be without serious prejudice to the borough, since the next low bidder is well within budget and within the detailed engineering cost estimate for the project.” The North Field, located along Route 17, is the main feature of a community flood mitigation plan, which will allow the field to be used as a retention area for storm water until the water can drain into the Saddle River. The project includes soil erosion and sediment control. A gravel walking path that will be added to the area will allow water to percolate into the ground. Plans call for crews to clear and grade the property, which is owned by the board of education and maintained by the borough. The site will be leveled and the raised tennis courts will be removed. A multi-purpose field and a new softball field will be created on the property. According to the engineer’s plans submitted earlier this year, the project will take approximately 160 days. The construction will include the installation of filter barriers (continued on page 19) Mediation (continued from page 5) Ho-Ho-Kus Master Plan as a property designated for passive use, recreation, or conservation. COAH’s third round rules also affect development fees municipalities may collect from the developers of new buildings. That fee has been one percent for residential buildings and two percent for non-residential buildings. That fee will rise under the new regulations to 1.5 percent for residential and three percent for non-residential building. Fees are deposited in a municipality’s affordable housing trust fund for use towards future affordable housing costs. However, the new COAH regulations require municipalities to identify in their new affordable housing plan how that money will be spent and a time frame for the expenditure. If the timeline is not met, the state can take that money for a statewide development fee bank, leaving the funds available to other municipalities. W/COUPON • Exp 12/31/09 • Not Combinable www.VacationRentalsRetreats.com Come stay in our CATSKILL MOUNTAIN SKI RETREAT. 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