Waldwick August 5, 2009 THE VILLADOM TIMES III • Page 7 Toolen wins gold medal in national competition Riley Toolen of Waldwick has earned the gold medal in the boys’ age 10-11 basketball shooting competition at the Junior Olympics, a national competition held at the U.S. Olympic Training facility in Chula Vista, California. Toolen emerged victorious from The “Hot Shot” Competition, which included three national finalists: Toolen from the East, and two other boys from the Midwest and the West. Toolen scored a total of 29 points, making four shots from the top of the key worth five points each, three shots from close to the basket at one point each, and then two foul shots worth three points each. The silver medalist scored 18 points. “I was a little nervous at first, but once I made my first shot I relaxed and just kept shooting,” Toolen said of the experience. He said one of the best parts about trip was meeting new friends. “I got to spend a lot of time over the weekend with my two competitors, Paul and Juwanne” said Toolen. “They are good kids and we had fun together.” The festivities began the night before with an Olympic style opening ceremony in which each of the 72 competitors from four sports (basketball, soccer, track and field, and tennis) marched with American flag in hand along with former U.S Olympians. The leader of the parade, 1992 Olympian Soccer player Cobi Jones, carried the Olympic torch and lit the cauldron. A total of 1.5 million individuals from across the U.S. competed in regional qualifiers to reach the Chula Vista finals, at which only 72 children participated. The facility is located 20 minutes from San Diego and is one of the Olympic training facilities for the U.S. Olympic Team. During a break in the competition, members of the U.S Archery Team put on an exhibition showing their accuracy at long distances. Competitors also enjoyed a visit to the San Diego Zoo and a bay cruise. Toolen’s summer will now continue with his participation in the Traphagen recreation program, swimming, and spending time with friends. At left: The Toolen family in California. At right: Riley Toolen with his gold medal. Dr. David Jacobs of Holistic Health Solutions, located at 22 Wyckoff Avenue in Waldwick, was recently approved for participation in the Preferred Chiropractic Doctor Program, a national effort dedicated to providing quality chiropractic care at affordable fees and promoting the benefits of chiropractic health care. Dr. Jacobs is a 2000 graduate of Life University. He currently resides in the Waldwick area where he specializes in chiropractic care for the entire family. “We are delighted to have the participation of Dr. Jacobs in the program,” said Dr. Stephen Below, PCD president. “Having met the criteria for membership in the PCD, he joins an elite group of chiropractors across the country, who through their participation in the PCD program, exemplify their commitment to their patients by providing qual- Jacobs joins national organization ity chiropractic health care at affordable fees.” The PCD program designates provider membership on the basis of proven quality care and offers special fees and payment plans to those consumers who wish to take advantage of the benefits of affordable chiropractic health care. “We know that regular chiropractic care improves bodily function and helps to prevent many health problems form occurring in the first place,” Dr. Below added. “We are committed to making quality, affordable chiropractic care available to as many people as possible with the PCD program. Now, more people in the Waldwick and surrounding areas will be able to experience the benefits of affordable, effective chiropractic health care with the addition of Dr. Jacobs to our program.” Dr. Jacobs can be contacted at (201) 251-1388. A Successful Business Woman of Today and a Woman for Today eidi Wise, President of Coddled Creatures, LLC has been providing quality “In Home” Pet Sitting, and Training to Northern New Jersey, Rockland and Passaic county pet owners for nearly two decades. Under the tutelage of Heidi Wise, Coddled Creatures “In-Home” Pet Care company has risen to prominence, becoming one of the leading companies in the “In-Home” Pet Care industry. Coddled Creatures has developed a reputation for being a highly respected, well organized and professionally managed “InHome” pet care services company. Based on a forward leaning business plan, Heidi has been able to nurture and grow Coddled Creatures into a leading edge company always seeming to be at the forefront of innovation in the “In-Home” pet caring market place. Heidi admits her market leadership position is no accident and takes pride in her approach to taking care of pets in their unique but familiar surroundings, their home! Heidi has successfully developed and implemented a well-conceived business strategy that is grounded in pet sensitivities. Heidi says Coddled Creatures attends to the needs of their “InHome Pets” and their “parents” as she calls them, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Heidi has amassed a unique blend of unique programs and pet caring services that once again, demonstrate her passion for bringing innovation to her “In-Home” Pet Care philosophy. Clients can go on line using the company’s web-site, www.coddledcreatures. com to make reservations for “In-Home” Pet Sitting services, schedule Training sessions, nail clips and baths, and complete transactions with a credit card, all with the click of a mouse. Her Information Technology component is state of the art, and many view Coddled Creatures programs as standard bearers of the “In-Home” pet care industry. Essential pet sensitive information for medications, personal needs specifications and home instructions including parent/owner facts are customized for each “In-Home Pet” and downloaded into Coddled Creatures unique Pet Profiles System. It is another state of the art component of Heidi’s approach to providing professional pet care services for her “In-Home Pets” and their “parents.” Now some clients do ask if Coddled Creatures boards pets in the home of their staffs members. This type of service Coddled Creatures is not able to engage in as it is illegal in Bergen County to board a pet in a home for commercial purposes. However Coddled Creatures does offer a wide range of custom visits that provide your pet with the most positive experience pet care experience possible right in the comfort of your home where your pet is the happiest. Now there is a personal side to Heidi that further illustrates why those who know her best, refer to her as “a Successful Business Woman of Today and a Woman for Today”. Heidi has carved out a H very interesting career background and meshed it with some fascinating hobbies. After obtaining an Associate Degree in Aviation Science, she launched her professional career as a Certified Flight Instructor. Heidi taught people to fly single engine aircraft, bringing them through their Private Pilot license. From there she went on to become, would you believe, a Commercial Airline Pilot flying for commuter airlines. After many years of flying, Heidi sensed her pilot profession had become routine so she began attending night school to obtain her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a major in Accounting. When the President of a busy company sought her out, she embarked on a second career returning to the high end of the accounting profession as a Comptroller, a position she held for eight years. When the President retired in 1994, she decided to pursue yet one more passion of her Life. While growing up, Heidi developed a deep respect and sensitivity for animals, and animal rights. Heidi summoned her entrepreneurial spirit and established Coddled Creatures in order to fulfill her lifelong dream of working for and with animals. The rest is history for this energetic lady. Over the years, Coddled Creatures has allowed her and her associates to care for dogs, cats, birds and many other creatures both big and small. Heidi shares her home with her dog, a 7 year old Pomeranian, named Sugar. During her free time, which she admits is limited these days, Heidi also has some interesting hobbies which adds to her persona as a “woman for today.” Heidi is a dedicated yoga practitioner, she also enjoys swimming and tennis. Heidi competes in the exciting sport of dog agility with her Pomeranian, Sugar. Sugar holds her excellent title in agility and is a blue ribbon winning dog in the AKC Jumpers division. Heidi’s other less physical hobbies include, the arts, traveling, reading, and attending animal charity fund raisers with her dog Sugar. Sugar has also been featured in Macy’s Ralph Lauren advertisements and on NBC’s Dateline, as well as the reality TV program unwrapping Macy’s. Sugar has participated in Pet Fashion week 2008 in NYC, which raised over $40,000 for animal charity, and Sugar has had an audition for a Hollywood film. More recently Heidi and Sugar were asked to participate in Responsible Dog Ownership day, sponsored by the American Kennel club, and they were featured on Channel CW11’s morning TV show. In the past Heidi has also spent her free time volunteering. Heidi served as a member of the Mahwah Juvenile Conference Committee (an arm of the family court) for three years and as a volunteer for VIPS (volunteers in protective services, a mentoring program for children at risk) for one year. Heidi Wise and her dog Sugar Heidi says she believes it’s important to trust in your instincts, stay focused on your beliefs and act on your passions. Heidi admits she cannot imagine a more agreeable way to make a living than giving TLC to animals of all kinds. She feels very fortunate to be surrounded by a staff of caring, thoroughly professional Pet Care Specialists, Client Services Representatives and a special Information Technology component. Additionally, she reflects on how she attributes much of Coddled Creatures continued success to her two loyal business mentors who have advised her for many years. So, now one can understand why those who know Heidi Wise and her Coddled Creatures Company best, refer to Heidi as: “A Successful Business Woman of Today and a Woman for Today”!