An ice pack kept in the freezer and ready for use in the event of an injury may be one of the best additions to a family’s first aid kit. Although many people think heat should be applied following an injury, a local chiropractor notes that when it comes to sprains, strains, traumas and tears, ice is the answer. “Although heat always feels good while on the body, it can exacerbate an injured area by causing already inflamed muscles, ligaments, or tendons to expand and become more inflamed,” said Dr. Alfred Gigante of The Back Pain Center in Waldwick. Gigante notes that there are cases where heat is helpful, including overworked muscles and certain types of arthritis, but he says he canno overemphasize the effectiveness and benefits of ice to his patients. “When it comes to sprains, strains, traumas and tears, ice is the answer.” In a majority of the back pain cases Gigante treats at The Back Pain Center, the chiropractor says, following therapy, he has a patient walk on a treadmill for 15 minutes with a large gel ice pack strapped to his or her back. Typically, when the back is first injured, blood rushes to the affected area and may cause pain and swelling. Swelling is a necessary part of the healing process, Gigante explains, adding that inflammation often increases pain to the injured area and may lengthen recovery time. “You should always consult a physician with the onset Local doctor: Injuries can benefit from ice of a new back injury,” Gigante says. Ice should be applied for the first 48 hours after an injury, unless a health care provider tells you otherwise. “Although a hot shower or warm bath may feel soothing, you may actually do yourself more harm than good with heat. Heat increases blood flow, which may increase inflammation and pain, leading to a slower recovery.” Ice must also be applied correctly to an affected area to prevent skin irritation and other problems, the chiropractor says. Gigante suggests placing the ice or pack in a lukewarm towel or soft cloth. He recommends dipping the towel in lukewarm water and wringing it out before each April 1, 2009 THE VILLADOM TIMES III • Page 11 use. The ice, protected in the cloth, may then be applied to the affected area for no more than 15 minutes. Ice should not be applied directly to the skin. The ice application may be repeated once every hour for no more than 15 minutes for the first 48 hours following an injury. The ice will help ease pain during application and will also help speed recovery and lessen pain due to inflammation. Patients must wait one full hour between ice applications. This article was submitted by Dr. Gigante. For additional information, call (201) 445-1079. The Back Pain Center is located at 83 Franklin Turnpike, Waldwick. Boye Humanitarian Award (continued from page 10) funds for district high school seniors. After being on stage for a year or two, Maureen decided to become more involved with the production of the show. She has served as producer, executive producer, and Writing Committee member. As executive producer, she helped make FLOW Follies the largest single scholarship provider in the FLOW community. Sarracco has been the director of bands at Ramapo High School since 1998. She currently conducts the Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Raider Marching Band and assists with the Concert Band. She is district head teacher of music. Originally from Waldwick, she holds a bachelor of music degree from William Paterson University where she studied saxophone with Dr. Paul Cohen and Mr. Ronald Parello. Upon her graduation from WPU, she was given the Music Education Award as the outstanding senior in the music education department. Sarracco resides in Glen Rock with her husband, Chris Wilhjelm, and their four children, Emma, Erik, Hannah, and Carl. Business Owners, Managers and Future Entrepreneurs Managing Cash Flow Learn to project when cash is coming in and when cash is going out. When there will be a shortage or excess. When you can buy that new product or when you need to tap into the line of credit. Wednesday, April 8, 2009 • 7:00PM – 9:00PM $50 per person Please call 201-891-8585 to reserve a place. Please arrive 15 minutes early to register. Donald Samick – 40 yrs Business Background and Teacher of Seminars 436 West Main Street, Wyckoff • ready set • GROW! Caring for outstanding gardens for over 20 years ONE SOURCE FOR ALL YOUR LANDSCAPE NEEDS ENJOY YOUR SPRING BREAK SAVE 20% Off Spring Cleanup 2 Free fertilizer applications. Discount applies towards New Full Service Contracts only. New customers only. TRUST YOUR OUTDOOR LIVING SPACES TO OUR FULL SERVICE MAINTENANCE, CONSTRUCTION, AND DESIGN COMPANY WITH ORGANIC LAWN AND TREE CARE, IRRIGATION AND LIGHTING. COMMERCIAL RESIDENTIAL INSURED BONDED MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR LEISURE TIME CALL FOR FREE CONSULTATION 201-447-LAWN (5296) Member N.J.L.C.A & N.J. Turf Grass Assoc. Home Improvement Contractor #13V01991900