Page 10 THE VILLADOM TIMES II • September 9, 2009 Ridgewood Valley Hospital gallery features new art exhibit seen seven days a week. A portion of the sale of all artwork benefits the hospital’s nursing scholarship program. Corey’s suite of works, Plants on Paper, will offer the gallery viewer a transformational view of this natural form. Plants on Paper incorporates old papermaking traditions with cast paper sculptures and printmaking techniques. Abaca, a Philippine banana stem fiber, is her fiber of choice because of its versatility. Beating time softens this fiber which creates a pulp that can be cast in low or high relief. Pulp is then layered and impressed to form basic organic shapes. Afterwards, these dried pieces are assembled and painted. Lace paper and silk flowers are used in an overlay, and stitching is used to enhance interlocking compositions and forms of foliage. “As I break down a plant into its fibrous form, I reconstitute its make-up to reflect how I see it in nature,” states the artist. Paper and its potential as a medium sparked Corey’s attention at Moravian College (BA, Art Education). Alongside artist Doug Zucco, she practiced Western and Eastern traditions of papermaking and pulled sheets from cooked vegetable fibers such as cotton, daylily, and hemp. She furthered her study of the discipline at The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (MFA) and where she investigated paper as the subject rather than the surface. Artists Murray Dessner, Betsy Miraglia, and Doug Zucco have influenced her discovery of the exclusivity of paper. Recent exhibitions and experiences include: Catalog for Tokyo Juried Art Exhibition, Ozu Washi Gallery and Oji Paper The Valley Hospital Art Gallery will feature the unique sculptural paper works of Heather Corey and oils of Rebecca Leer of Ridgewood in the month of September. The Valley Hospital Art Gallery is located in the corridor leading to the Kurth Cottage Café and Gift Shop where the work can be Museum, Tokyo, Japan (2009); Dieu Donné Papermill, Inc. Workspace, New York, NY (2008); and Paper Collaboration, Haystack Mountain School of Craft, Deer Isle, ME (2007). Leer’s portraits and still lifes are painted in north light, where the cascade of cool blue-grey light over a soft cheek or a humble object is a beautiful sight. The effect can be dramatic or subtle. Landscapes, painted from life, are captured light effects, a particular moment in the day. Because she was an illustrator for many years, telling a story comes naturally. More than a mere likeness, her paintings tell a story about the subject and also about her and the way she sees the people and world around her. (continued on page 19) Thomas J. Higgins of Advanced Hearing Services homas J. Higgins, Director of Advanced Hearing Services, Inc., founded his business with the knowledge that hearing loss leads to communication problems which negatively affect quality of life. Tom is a New Jersey Licensed Hearing Aid Dispenser (License #743). He is Board Certified by the National Board for Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences, and has earned the designation of audioprosthologist from the American Conference of Audioprosthology. He is a member of the New Jersey Association of Hearing Health Professionals and the International Hearing Society. Advanced Hearing Services focuses on patient care and education for the individual with hearing loss and his or her family members. Tom understands how critical it is to have family involved in the process. He spends a great deal of time with individuals, offering a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere, and complimentary evaluations and recommendations. The goal, he asserts, is to ensure that people get the most out of their hearing aids. Thomas Higgins “We take clients from testing to fitting, product selection, and aftercare,” Tom explains. Advanced Hearing Services has been providing the latest quality technology for over 10 years. “We work with major manufacturers and offer the latest technologies,” Tom says. For example, on-the-ear hearing aids he offers include Oticon Dual Connects hearing aids, which customers may try the same day they visit Advanced Hearing Services. Tom knows that hearing problems are not exactly the same for everyone. “We fit the person,” he explains. “People have questions and misunderstandings about what hearing aids can do,” he adds. Come in and learn more. Advanced Hearing Services is located at 119 Interstate Shopping Center, Ramsey. Call (201) 934-7755 for additional information. Good-Better-Best Selection ensures we have a hearing aid to fit your budget. Complimentary evaluation and FREE trial on Oticon Dual Connects hearing aids. T