Glen Rock October 21, 2009 THE VILLADOM TIMES II • Page 5 Admiral Byrd exhibit open at namesake school Admiral Richard E. Byrd, the namesake of Glen Rock’s Byrd School, is the subject of an exhibit coordinated by long-term Glen Rock resident William Moxley. The display, which will be open at the school now through Oct. 23, was created by Moxley in conjunction with the Aviation Hall of Fame and Museum at Teterboro Airport. Moxley is a World War II veteran of Merrill’s Marauders, a life-long aviation enthusiast, and an active supporter of the museum. Admiral Byrd is credited as the first person to fly over the North Pole and to fly over and explore the South Pole. He also flew in the first air mail flights to Europe. A distant descendant of John Rolfe and Pocahontas, Byrd attended the University of Virginia before he transferred to the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis. He graduated in 1912, learned to fly during World War I, and planned the first transatlantic flight by naval seaplanes in 1919. He was attempting a non-stop transatlantic flight from the United States to France competing for the same Orteig Prize as Charles A. Lindbergh, and reached the coast of France in a Fokker Tri-Motor, but crashed before reaching Paris. Lindbergh won the Orteig Prize while Byrd was recovering from his injuries. Admiral Byrd won the Congressional Medal of Honor for his exploration flights in the days before the decoration was limited to combat operations. Byrd also performed valuable strategic services for the United States during World War II in the Pacific and took part in a number of expeditions to Antarctica. Glen Rock’s Byrd School was dedicated in the admiral’s name in 1931, while he was still an active polar and global explorer. Other schools named for Byrd exist in Frederick County, Maryland; Sun Valley, California; and Elk Grove, Illinois. There is a Richard E. Byrd Library in Springfield, Virginia. For more information, contact the museum at Haunted House features ‘Scare Care’ Central School’s fifth grade class is offering Scare Care at its annual Haunted House on Friday and Saturday, Oct. 23 and 24. Ghoulish nurses, zombie doctors, and evil technicians will make sure “patients” are given the most frightening treatment possible. The doors open at 6 p.m., with a “G” rated version until 6:30 p.m. for small children or those who scare easily. Tickets are $4 and may be purchased at the door. Central School is located on Maple Avenue in Glen Rock. Improve Your Driveway’s Appearance And Protect It At The Same Time Driveway Asphalt Filler/Sealer • Fills surface cracks up to 1/8” • Dries to touch in 4 hours. Can be driven on in 24-48 hours under normal conditions • 3 year warranty Mon-Wed 7:30-6 Thurs & Fri 7:30-8, Sat 8-5 Put On A Winter Coat Today! 8-19-09 janine GodwinDental4x9(8-19-09) 4 x 9” OPEN SUNDAY 9-3 Propane Filled 7 Days A Week 27 Franklin Tpke. • Waldwick • 201-652-5666