Glen Rock October 21, 2009 THE VILLADOM TIMES II • Page 3 Charter school application denied; district ‘sustained’ by John Koster Glen Rock Superintendent of Schools David Verducci said he feels sustained in the Glen Rock school administration’s criticism of a plan for a charter school that has been rejected by the New Jersey Department of Education. “I am denying your request because of the deficiencies in your application,” Commission Lucille E. Davy wrote to Anna Vladi of Glen Rock, the principal applicant for the state school charter. Davy wrote in her rejection that the application “does not adequately address all required areas…does not contain a clearly articulated mission…does not include measurable objectives and anticipated outcomes for all goals.” Davy also said the theme of the school is unclear and inconsistent and does not demonstrate a clear understanding of programs and services for students who may be at risk. Proponents of the K-5, back to basics charter school plan to make a second bid before the state this month. Supporters want a school that would offer a curriculum more focused on math and science. Glen Rock school officials are relieved because they felt the charter school, which would have accepted 240 K-5 students from Glen Rock, Ridgewood, Fair Lawn, and Paramus would have detracted from the public schools in the borough. Verducci also said that many of the stated or implied criticisms of Glen Rock’s existing K-5 program were unfair, and that the application raised many questions in his own mind and in those of Glen Rock’s educational staff. “The state has made a decision we can all live with and while these people certainly have the right to try to establish what is essentially a religious school that reflects their own values under the charter program, I will continue to defend the academic integrity of the Glen Rock school system,” said Verducci. The superintendent noted that while the school is described as focused in Glen Rock, the seven letters of community support from Glen Rock all came from a single address. The letters also included 51 from Fair Lawn, five from Ridgewood, five from Paramus, and one each from Englewood, Washington Township, Ringwood, Livingston, and Little Falls. The two letters of organizational support came from the Glen Rock Jewish Center and the New Jersey Holocaust Commission. The review by the Glen Rock school administration said that “in conclusion, the application appears to fall short of identifying and filling in an existing gap in the public education system as the public system provides more for children in elementary school than this application demonstrates.” The staffers noted that Holocaust Studies, cited by the charter school group, begin in the fourth grade, and that Glen Rock schools already have a working program in conflict resolution, which was cited as another need. “The application provides little information on how the arts and health/PE/ safety will be addressed,” the Glen Rock staff report says. “In public schools, students receive regular instruction in art, music, instrumental lessons, PE (physical education), library sciences, technology, and world language. Additionally, students in the Glen Rock elementary schools receive weekly enrichment with the gifted and talented teacher. Children who are advanced have additional opportunities for enrichment and advancement.” The New Jersey Department of Education approved eight new charter schools in late September, bringing state total to 63 schools in operation and 68 approved. The group of 10 parents supporting the application reportedly contains several professional educators. A charter school is a public school open to all students that operates independently from the district board of education. The school would be governed by a board of trustees authorized by the state board of education. School districts are obliged to pay 90 percent of the expense for all district students who attend state-sanctioned charter schools. 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