Page 6 THE VILLADOM TIMES II • November 18, 2009 Emmanuel asks... Can You Help? Our hat’s off to the Church of the Nativity for the semiannual food collection for our food pantry. These great folks always come through! Important announcement: Please help Emmanuel Cancer Foundation with a click of a mouse: http://www. As many of you know, the Emmanuel Cancer Foundation is fighting hard to keep our program intact in the midst of a suffering economy. The good news is that we’ve been nominated to receive a grant via Liquidnet’s $150,000 Local Impact Challenge, and we have a very, very good chance. Please copy and paste the link above into your web browser, and vote for the Emmanuel Cancer Foundation. Please pass this information onto everyone you know who might be willing to help us. All it takes is a few clicks. We have a family who lives in Chester and we need a driver to deliver food to them once a month. The holidays are coming: The children of Emmanuel Cancer Foundation have 4-29-09 karen/janinegiven us their wish list for a holiday gift. If you would like to adopt a child for the DecemEmmanuelHelp2x.75(4-29-09) ber holidays, please call us at (201) 612-8118. 3 xPlease consider donating a Thanksgiving dinner. We .75 would appreciate donations of the non-perishable fixin’s for a Thanksgiving dinner for one of our families. You can also save time and purchase a gift card to any chain grocery store and donate this to one of our families. Call now for more information. Our families also need December holiday dinners. If you are in a hurry, simply buy a gift card at your local chain grocery store. If you prefer, you can put together a basket, bag, or box of non-perishable foods a family can use to create a holiday meal. Call us, and we’ll give you a family. All you need to do is assemble the foods and drop them off here at the Midland Park office. We will make the deliveries in time for the holiday. December holiday gift givers are now needed: If you or your group would like to participate in the holiday gift purchase for one of our kids this December, please give us a call. We currently need volunteers in our office during the following times: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 1 to 5 p.m.; Thursday, 2:30 to 5 p.m.; and Saturday, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Call us at (201) 612-8118 before you stop by. Please do not leave items at the center without checking with us first. Our storage space is limited. Hours are Monday, 10 to 1; Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, 10 to 5; and Thursday, 10 to 2. The Northern Regional Center is located at 174 Paterson Avenue, Midland Park, NJ 07432. Visit us on the web at As always, thank you for helping the children and their families! top sellers of a family game called Ruckus, outselling much larger retailers across the country, according to Dan Levy, president of Funstreet, Inc. “The Grow-cery is in the top 5 percent of the 1,500 stores selling Ruckus nationwide,” said Levy, the game’s creator. He said Ruckus has been carried by many big-name chains, but none of the stores in those chains has made it into the top 5 percent. Dee Stevens, game buyer for The Grow-cery, explained why the store does well with Ruckus. “We have a lot of games open so that we can play them with customers,” she noted. “That way, people don’t have to buy things blind. I play Ruckus with everybody, and they like it. That’s what sells games.” Games that bring people face to face appear to be faring well amidst the economic downturn. In 2008, board game sales in the United States increased by 6 percent, despite the fact that toy sales decreased by 3 percent overall, according to NPD Group, a market research firm. For Levy, the expertise and personal touch small stores bring to the table have been a key factor in determining the success of his games. “Everyone talks about the importance of word of mouth in this business,” said Levy. “In reality, neighborhood stores like The Grow-cery are my word mouth.” Grow-cery is at 190 Rock Road. Call (201) 447-0447. Store Rock specialty store is one of the nation’s raises a Ruckus A small Glen specializing in Solution Focused Brief Therapy • • THE CENTER FOR COUPLES AND FAMILY SOLUTIONS couples & marriage issues family transitions & conflict • separation and divorce • women’s issues • anxiety • depression • child behavior problems Debra D. 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