Glen Rock November 4, 2009 THE VILLADOM TIMES II • Page 9 Local author’s book now available to the public “Custer Survivor” by Glen Rock author John Koster, the documented proof that there was a survivor of Custer’s Last Stand, is now in print and available on Endorsed with an introduction by Professor Louise Barnett of Rutgers, the book tells the story of Second Sergeant Frank Finkel, the only documented survivor of George Armstrong Custer’s five companies exterminated at the Little Bighorn on June 25, 1876. Finkel was shot twice, rode through the Indians on a panicked horse with six or seven other troopers who were later caught and killed or died of injuries, and was nursed back to health by squatters in the wilds of Montana. Technically a deserter, he never returned to the Army after he recovered, turned up in Dayton, Washington, and built a reasonably prosperous life as farmer and land speculator, with a solid marriage, respectable in-laws, and a son in the Idaho legislature. He became known locally as “the only survivor of the Custer massacre” after he went public at a horseshoe game in 1920, but was controversial on a national basis, with one or two experts believing his story and others skeptical or suspicious. “Custer Survivor” provides forensic evidence that he was telling the truth, ranging from handwriting analysis to the one reliable Indian account that mentions a survivor fugitive. The illustrated paperback contains facsimiles of dozens of documents from the National Archives in Washington D.C., the Columbia County Courthouse in Dayton, Washington, the Oshkosh Public Museum in Wisconsin, and the Idaho Historical Society, and photographs never before in print donated by Frank Finkel’s descendents and collateral relatives, who had always believed his story but were told by teachers that they were lying when they mentioned him as the “Custer Survivor.” The book was written with the research assistance of a number of people, including Glenn Hoefler of the Glen Rock Library, Mike Shinn of the Ridgewood Library, former Wyckoff Chief of Police John Ydo, former Ridgewood chief of detectives Keith Killion, and Ridgewood Librarian Astrid Baker. The primary researchers were Shizuko Obo Koster of Glen Rock, Emily Koster Walling, a 1995 graduate of Glen Rock High School, and Minjae Kim, a 2009 graduate of Ridgewood High School. Two other area residents also contributed advice: Long-time Glen Rock resident Bill Moxley, a veteran of Merrill’s Marauders in World War II, and former Ridgewood Interim Superintendent of Schools Dr. Timothy Brennan are both sons of soldiers who served in the reconstituted 7th Cavalry Regiment, a regiment which later served in World War II, Korea, Vietnam and Iraq, and took a living interest in the book as to developed. Dr. Brennan was born in the post hospital at Fort Riley, Kansas, the 7th Cavalry’s base station, and remembered hearing about how, once the horses were replaced by Jeeps and half-tracks and permanently retired from service at the beginning of World War II, the troopers loaded their steeds onto tractor-trailer transports, drove them to the Custer Battlefield in Montana, and tearfully turned the Army horses loose so they could be adopted by the Crow and Cheyenne Indians, whose reservations are located near the battlefield. �������������������� ������������������� ������� ������ ������ ������������������ ����������������� ����������� ����������������������������������������� ���� The Hang ‘10 Beefsteak Dinner and Auction, the primary fundraiser for the Glen Rock Grad Ball, is planned for Saturday, Nov. 21 at Saint Leon’s Orthodox Church in Fair Lawn at 7 p.m. The committee is seeking donations for the auction. 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