Ridgewood May 27, 2009 THE VILLADOM TIMES II • Page 15 The way of the brush Recently, Ridgewood High School art students participated in a two day project, The Way of the Brush: East meets West, funded by the Ridgewood Education Foundation and awarded to Ridgewood High School art teacher, Kellie Conforth. Korean artist and teacher Sungsook Setton instructed Ms. Conforth’s students in the art of sumi-e ( Japanese ink painting) developing their expressive brush techniques and deepening their understanding of the concepts which are the basis for Asian ink painting and its evolution from Chinese calligraphy. The project concluded with a one day exhibit of student’s artwork in the high school’s Carroll Art Gallery. The artist is pictured here working with the students. Needlecraft School Annual Fashion Show Friday, June 5th • 8:00 pm Midland Park High School Auditorium Prospect St, Midland Park Everyone Welcome Free Admission Virginia Fawcett, Proprietress 216 Godwin Ave Midland Park 201-444-2976