Ridgewood March 11, 2009 THE VILLADOM TIMES II • Page 5 Emergency chiefs comfortable with tight budget by John Koster Ridgewood Police Chief John LiPuma, Fire Chief James Bombace, and Emergency Services Director Brian Pullman recently told the Ridgewood Council that they could live with reductions in the replacement of safety apparatus. The reductions were proposed due to budgetary constraints. “I would prefer to buy more of the new breathing equipment. I would rather buy 10 than five, and I would rather buy 15 than 10,” Fire Chief Bombace told the council. The fire chief said that some of the breathing equipment used by Ridgewood’s paid and volunteer fire fighters dates back to 1981, and the department was in the process of replacing equipment that is increasingly difficult to repair. “The bottom line is: Can you afford to operate your department with the equipment authorized?” Deputy Mayor Keith Killion, a former police captain, asked Bombace. “I’m comfortable with it,” Bombace responded. The same meeting saw the authorization to purchase five new Scott breather packs at $4,600 each. Pullman itemized his unit’s new equipment, primarily radios and other communication devices. He noted with regret that his department’s budget had been cut by $5,000 from the original figure of $31,500 for 2009. “I would like to have the $31,500, but I understand why I can’t,” Pullman told the council. He also said he felt comfortable with the reduction. “I’m comfortable with it,” LiPuma said, describing his view of the budgetary constraints imposed on various departments. “I’m sure all the directors need that equipment, but I just The Ridgewood Police Detective Bureau is seeking a motorist who struck a pedestrian on Feb. 28 and fled the scene of the accident. Patrol responded to a report of a pedestrian struck on North Broad Street while she was walking about 250 feet south of Franklin Avenue. The woman was taken to Valley Hospital. Her injuries, while substantial, are said not to be life-threatening, The vehicle was described as a brown or tan Toyota sedan with a New Jersey license plate. The vehicle fled north on North Broad Street, then east on Franklin Avenue. Residents of North Broad Street asserted at several council meetings that speeders frequently exceed the speed Detectives seek driver who struck pedestrian need a brief overview of what that equipment is.” Killion said. Councilman Paul Aronsohn urged the safety leaders not to pass up any equipment that was necessary for the safety of village residents, but concurred with his peers that it is important to economize. The department leaders responded that the constraints would not negatively impact public safety. limits on the road. The council agreed to install a speed bump, which neighbors said appeared to have made some impact on speeding on the street. Anyone with any knowledge of the car or the driver is asked to contact Ridgewood Police Department Detective Chris Williams at (201) 251-4537. In an unrelated incident on the same evening, patrol responded to an incident in which a deer ran out in front of a moving car. The motorist was unable to stop and struck the animal. The deer was struck on Grove Street near Pleasant Avenue, and left the scene under its own power, police said. J. KOSTER SPRING CLASSES • APRIL 6 to JUNE 29, 2009 ADULT CLASSES Monday - Thursday AM 9:30-12:00 PM 7:30-10:00 Saturday AM 10:00-12:30 12 Weeks, $348 Monday - Friday PM 3:30-5:30 12 Weeks, $300 Wortendyke Pottery Studio Clara S. Licata, Esq. Family Mediator Mediation is a process that allows you to resolve your family law issues yourself without the expense and pain of litigation. I am a New Jersey Court Approved Mediator with over 40 hours of training in Family Law Cases. Contact me today for a consultation. 55 Harristown Rd., Third Floor Glen Rock, NJ 07452 201-612-1170 cslicata@optonline.net CHILDREN’S CLASSES www.wortendykestudio.com 201-652-5882 30% - 50% OFF Gallery Sale 211 GREENWOOD AVE • MIDLAND PARK HARDING WINE&SPIRIT Almost everyone who comes into our store has two questions: Your in Luck! We offer Barefoot and Liberty Creek Wines at Low, Low Prices! lowest price allowed in NJ on the 1.5 liter bottle of Barefoot wines. No more running from store to store with silly discount cards or coupons! Liberty “Where’s thethe price Creek?” and on “Oh, what’s in the large size? Barefoot wines, ” We are proud to announce that we have the HUGE WINE SELECTION Beer • Super Premium Spirits Party Planning • Gift Baskets Free Parking • Ice • Soda WE DELIVER Barefoot Wines $ 305 E. Ridgewood Ave Ridgewood, NJ DEBIT CARDS ACCEPTED 201-445-7122 Available in Pinot Grigio, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, White Zinfandel & Moscato. No rain checks issued. Not responsible for typographical errors. 9 .19 1.5 liter 2 Locations Glen Rock & Passaic PASSAIC LOCATION NOW OPEN SUNDAYS! We Offer Line Of Credits And Financing Plans 201.345-5621