Page 8 THE VILLADOM TIMES II • March 4, 2009 Ridgewood Village Quakers make down payment on ark Ridgewood Friends Nursery School Alums Simone (left) and Ruby Fontes show the check that was sent to Heifer International. The Religious Society of Friends Meeting in Ridgewood (Quakers) recently sent a check for $2,500 to Heifer International as a down payment on a commitment to raise $5,000 to purchase an ark full of animals to help families in need around the globe. Launched in 1944, Heifer International is an organization that has helped 8.5 million families around the world to become self-reliant through the gift of livestock and training in sound agriculture. The impact of each livestock gift is multiplied as recipient families agree to “pass on the gift” by giving one or more of their animal’s offspring to another person in need in their community. Heifer’s “ark” program consists of many different kinds of livestock suited to different families’ agricultural needs in all different parts of the world. Arks contain sheep to help families obtain wool, camels for transport in desert areas, oxen to pull plows in Africa, water buffalo to help Cambodian families raise rice, beehives to help families in Armenia earn money by selling honey and wax, chickens for nutrition and the sale of eggs in Nepal, cows for milk and income in a small Ukrainian village, even guinea pigs to help Ecuadorian families add protein to their diets and income to help their families. To raise the money the local group pledged to the ark program, Ridgewood Friends has manned a booth at Ridgewood Sale Days, held a Bake Sale and a Rummage Sale, and worked with other Quaker communities in New Jersey. The Group’s goal is to finish its $5,000 ark before the summer. Those who wish to support the Friends in this mission and make a difference in a poor community, are welcome to make contributions to Ridgewood Friends Meeting, 244 Highwood Avenue, Ridgewood, NJ 07450. Please mark contribution checks clearly for Heifer. For more information, leave a message at (201) 445-8450. The Ridgewood Biddy Basketball group has given the village $4,880 worth of bleachers and benches for the Benjamin Franklin Middle School gymnasium through a donation to All American Seating. The gift will defray Biddy Basketball donates for bleachers the cost of furnishing and installing the benches. Sela 2 Inc. gave the BF Middle School $350 for a school trip to Liberty Science Center and the PARCCA parents gave the school $150 for PARCCA field trips. Break the Highway Trend! ...not your community’s back. Local businesses are the backbone of your community and the trend to shop the big guys on the highway hurts us all.Your local businesses have what you want... at the right price... and close to home. So, why hassle with the highways? Save Time! Save Gas! Save Money! SAVE YOUR COMMUNITY! We Need You SHOP LOCALLY. IT’S SMART. ...and besides, it’s so convenient!