Page 8 THE VILLADOM TIMES II • June 24, 2009 Ridgewood The annual Arts Night at Ridgewood’s Orchard School featured fifth graders performing Shakespeare in Elizabethan costume along with a display of artwork by students of all ages. “I couldn’t believe how they could manage the lines,” art teacher Judy Malhotra said. “They went right into char- School offers Shakespeare in period costumes acter and I think the costumes helped.” Parent volunteers helped Malhotra transform the school into the Orchard Museum of Art and the children displayed their art in a variety of media. Shakespeare in the Round, performed by selected fifth graders, was the culminating event. The students performed an abbreviated version of Ridgewood’s Orchard School accepted the Grand Prix chess trophy for the fourth year in a row. This year, Orchard hosted the chess tournament, and students from the school earned their victory by just one point. The victory came after Orchard had been in second place for the entire year prior to the final showdown. Individual grade placements were: Section K-1, first place team, with members Matt Leluc in sixth place, Students win chess Grand Prix Aniruth Narayan in eighth place, and Claire Sullivan. Section 2, grades 2-3, second place team, with Brian Song in seventh place and other team members Anthony Rondos, Siddharth Wagh, and Devlin Sullivan. Section 3, grades 412, second place team, with Patricia Perfect in sixth place, Gregory Olson in seventh place, Peter Rondos in eighth place, and Christian Hartigan. J. KOSTER Bottom row: Sophie Simpson, Chloe Jaras, Katie Lahey, and Angelina Pizzo. Middle row: Lauren McKinley, Kyle Inlander, Proyanka Narayan, and Jamie Inlander. Top row: Claire Kelley. Morgan Janjigian, and Gaby Fink. “Romeo and Juliet,” augmented by a history of Shakespeare’s life and work. The show was written and directed by Orchard School’s teacher Ryan Pifher and parents agreed it was a night of enchantment. ecorators Lucia Palmeri and Lauren Woods provide a complete inhome or in-office interior decorating service by bringing thousands of samples of drapery fabrics, furniture, floor coverings, wall coverings, and accessories directly to their clients. They are then able to design the room in the client’s own surroundings. “It’s our belief that your home should indeed say something about you – your personal interests – the area in which you live – your culture – your talents – your loves. A beautiful home doesn’t just happen. Good decorating is the result of good planning and should start by developing a comprehensive, detailed decorating plan. We have the talent, experience and specialized knowledge to help you pull it all together.” “We don’t charge design fees or hourly rates, nor do we have ‘minimums.’ We pride ourselves on our ability to work within our clients’ budgets to create a custom room for Lauren Woods and Lucia Palmeri function, comfort and beauty. We handle all the details so you don’t have to.” “Clients working with our small business have the buying power of a very large established company behind us. Unlike a store, we have no loyalties to a particular vendor and in fact have over 100 different manufacturers to make the right choices for our clients.” Lucia and Lauren are ready to help clients with any size project. “No project is too small or too big.” Call (201) 661-8606 today for a complimentary 90 minute consultation. INTERIORS by Decorating Den Comes to Your Doorstep! D ������������������������������